going to the salon doesn't count.

July 28, 2012
Going to the salon doesn't count as mommy's day out. Going to the spa, however, does.

For me, there is no quick trip to the salon. I have thick hair, and a lot of it.  If I’m getting highlights, the process takes forever to get the bleach to pull through my red undertones. Sitting in one seat for a few hours hurts my ass.

Beauty is pain?

I like getting highlights, all over color or a keratin treatment because having a fresh do makes me happy. The process of getting there, not so much. My hair takes at least  an hour to foil and at least an hour to process, add in the mixing of colors, and styling, it’s an easy 3-4 hours at the salon. Ouch.

I might be out of the house for 4 hours, but I’m not having the time of my life. I’m not hanging out with my friends, I’m having awkward salon talk, checking all of the apps on my phone or browsing trashy magazines on my nook. It’s boring.
No volume. I don't do my hair before the salon and I didn't have her to it when she was done, I just wanted to go home.
Before & after. Can’t tell the difference, can you? That’s because I took photos with my iPhone  underneath fluorescent lights.  My hair really isn’t that dark. Here’s a photo of me in the car blasting the AC in 105 degree madness.

I’m not sure why guys think when a girl goes to the salon that she’s having the time of her life. I dread going, but love the outcome.

At my last salon I did enjoy a glass or two of wine and a 5 minute head massage.

Today I got a root touchup. I’m definitely not as blonde as I have been in the past and I wish my hair was a lot lighter right now, but to prevent my hear from breaking off and falling out- this is as light as I can go right now.

Now it needs to get out of the 100s and back in the 80s so I can go to the beach and get my dark tan back that I had at the beginning of summer!

If you see photos of me with dark brown/black hair soon, don't be alarmed. I change my hair often. 


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