a cool, 90 degree weekend

July 16, 2012

It has been a warm humid summer in Virginia Beach. A local told me "It's not summer until it's 113° at 3 a.m." Um, no thank you. This week it cooled down, and by cooled down I mean it was only 92° at 8 p.m. Lucky us.  
Friday ended with pizza on the head.

We've been taking our bikes to the Oceanfront every Saturday morning around 7:30 or 8 to ride before it gets too much hotter. It's still pretty hot and humid that early, but the breeze from riding is refreshing. We didn't head to the beach this Saturday because it was going to rain. It hadn't rained so for lunch we decided to ride 2 miles up to an awesome deli I found on Friday. As soon as we finished eating, we looked out the window and it was pouring. "It will let up soon," said Travis. We waited about 10 minutes and it was not letting up. Alright, let's go! Brady's cart has a plastic cover so he wasn't getting wet, but we sure were. It's fun riding in the warm rain, but what sucked was that I was wearing my contacts and anyone with contacts knows water dries them out and it's not fun. I wore my sunglasses to protect my contacts, but I could barely see. We were about a mile from our house and it was only sprinkling, that was fun to ride in. We were soaked. The dogs were soaked because we left them outside, and Brady's butt was soaked from all the splashing under his cart. I guess I'll shower again and do my hair again. 
Dry and ready to go to our friends' house for dinner. 
We stopped at one of our favorite stores before we headed over to Brady's buddy's house, and picked up our favorite hummus and canolis. Canolis weren't on the list, but the store makes and stuffs them to order, so we couldn't resist. Brady and A had a great time and this was one of the few moments they weren't fighting over a toy. Fun fun. 
More advertues to be had on Sunday morning. Brady loves to have milk right when he wakes up, so we gave him his milk while trying to figure out what we were going to do that morning. We decided to pack up our bikes and head to the Oceanfront, grab breakfast and then ride. The second we were going to park, Brady puked all over. I mean the milk was cottage cheese. Shit. I completely forgot Brady had milk before we left. Brady cannot have a drink of any kind and then get in the car without having food in his stomach, it always turns out this way. So, we turn around and head 15 minutes back to the house, trying not to puke from the smell. We cleaned up Brady and his car seat and decided we had wasted enough time already, so we headed to IHOP because I didn't feel like making pancakes, but I wanted to eat them. 
It was also Brady's 17 month mark. 
We headed home and it was nap time for Brady. We cleaned up a little bit because our friends (from Friday) were coming over. We had a busy afternoon planned. 
Blake challenged Travis to a little game of basketball. Travis took it to a whole other level. He Googled, measured and marked regulation lines on our "court" with chalk. He used the ladder and an extension cord as a ruler. Blake showed up expecting a game of PIG, that's not what happened. 
Did I mention they are the 80s spokesmen for Powerade?
At one point, Brady was being used as point guard. 

Air Travis.
Too hot to ride.

 A pushing Brady through the neighbor's yard 
We had the best Chinese take-out for dinner and then headed to a sketchy mini golf course. The one we wanted to play at was at the Oceanfront, but you don't want to mess with tourists and parking in July. 

Yep, it was a long day. 

Moommmmm it's HOT

I have mad skills

We had great intentions of getting ice cream afterward, but it was 8:30 by the time we were done and that is way past the boys' bedtime!

We had a great weekend and have a busy work-filled week ahead of us. A's mom is making Brady's new quilt this week and we are going to start painting his new room this weekend! Check out my Pinterest board to get a sneak peak of his room. 

My blog redesign is coming along nicely. It won't be a significant difference, but I love changing designs, bedding, decor and etc.. so it was time. I'm working on new wordpress site that will launch next year. Pretty exciting! 

How was your weekend? 
Congratulations to the Milo Paper winners Taylor (Stationery) & Isabella (Wall Calendar) 


  1. 80s spokesman - if you could have heard my kids..."mommy what's so funny on the compuder"

    1. Don't be too jealous that this hotness wasn't happening at your house!