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July 10, 2012

One of my most popular posts is the DIY Menu Planner, it's a physical menu board. You've been asking how I plan my meals, and one of my best resources has been BuildAMenu.com.

Build a Menu allows you to create a weekly, personalized meal plan. I'll quickly take you through the process. For only $2 a week ($8/month) BAM will plan a variety of meals taking advantage of your store's current sales- making it quick and easy  for you to choose what your family will eat that week.

Step 1: Choose the store you want to shop at. (Fred Meyer, Kroger, Safeway, Whole Foods and etc...)
Step 2: Choose your recipes from the endless recipes. They aren't really never-ending, but there are a lot to choose from. Here are the categories:

Dinner (all have options for 1-2 or 4-6 people): Dine on a dime, family friendly, low fat/sensible portions, low carb, gluten free, slow cooker, vegetarian, super salads, crowd pleasers, grill a meal and manly meals.

Then pick sides, lunches, breakfasts, snacks, kid pleasers and dessert.
While you're choosing your items, keep an eye on this box in the bottom right of the page- it's keeping track of your approximate cost, though you may have the key ingredients already in your kitchen.

All of the approximate totals have been close to what I spend at the store. Previously, before BAM, I would go into the store and create meals while I was there, or plan my meals ahead of time with expansive ingredient lists, 7 meals never cost me less than $150 until I used Build A Menu. My 7 meal average has been between $50-$70 for 3 people. Amazing, right? Right.

Step 3 & 4: Click print menu and print grocery list. The grocery list even has a column that tells you what recipe(s) the ingredient will be used for. How many times have you looked at your grocery list and wondered why the heck that random ingredient was on it?

Now that I have your interest, visit Build a Menu and start saving money, giving your family new dinner options and have fun while you do it. A portion of every paid membership to help support Orphan Care Ministries around the world.

Build a Menu did not compensate me for this review. 


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