what we've been up to

June 19, 2012
After not having Travis home for 6 weeks, we've been making up for the time he didn't get to spend with Brady and are trying to find all of the fun things to do in Virginia Beach. Keyword: trying.

It's no secret that we don't like Virginia Beach, but we are making the best of it. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and can have a gripe or two in life. Virginia Beach is our gripe. We don't like it here. We are making the best of it, and counting down the days until we can get orders back to California.

There's not much to do here, nor is there anywhere worth driving to. We do want to make it up to DC and NYC, but those aren't quick day trips. Even though Travis won't be deploying, it doesn't mean that we can get away whenever we want, and a lot of people don't understand that. His job is demanding and so are the hours, but we are just happy to have him home.

 We've been to the beach a couple of times. This time was to see the Blue Angels. 
parking is $20/day all summer, and it's not worth it 
 We've played outside
when it's not raining
 we've been on the hunt for good restaurants
no luck so far, seriously
 we've been to the aquarium
which is lame
 we got out the water toys
our yards are mostly dirt, this turned out to be a mess
 we've made improvements around the house
never sign a rental agreement before seeing the house
 we went to the beach with our friends
and paid another $20 for parking
 we babysat Aiden
he scraped his chin on our watch. ahhh
we went to the Melting Pot for Father's Day
Brady was horrible for the first time ever. 
This photo was the happy before the storm :) 

These are the things we've done and the things that have made them suck. If you don't know me, you probably think I'm the most negative person in the world. I am negative, but I'm also super happy. I wouldn't necessarily say that I'm a negative person, but I am not naive to the imperfections and annoyances around me and I'm not afraid to say what everyone else is thinking and afraid to say. So judge me if you will, but you've never lived a day in my shoes and I've never lived a day in yours. This blog is about our lives, and right now our lives are in Va Beach and we are doing what we can to get by.

I posted earlier about how we should've moved to Croatia and why I think so. I have good points in there.

I don't hate Virginia Beach, but I hate everything we were misled about. A few people really talked this place up, even though I doubted it the whole time from the research I had done. All of our family and friends in Michigan said we should move here because they would visit all the time since they wouldn't have to buy plane tickets. Our guest bed is getting dusty.


  1. I think you should head up to richmond for a day. Especially if you like history. There is a lot of civil war stuff there that I always liked looking at. There are awesome restaurants downtown and short pump town center is an amazing outside mall. Just an idea :)

  2. We've been to that aquarium in Virginia Beach before, and you're right, it's super lame!!!

  3. Moving is super hard. My husband just got out of the Navy and we moved from (my home-state) of California, to Colorado about a month ago (his home-state)
    Big change, coming from San Diego where I had a million friends and there was a ton of stuff to do. Thanks for your honesty, I appreciate it.
    Megan @ thememoirsofmegan.com

  4. Have you tried Gringos on Norfolk Ave and Mediterranean? It won't be as good as your california mexican but it is the closest you will get. They make everything fresh like the salsa, sour cream etc. At one point they didn't own a freezer. Also, we love Cobalt Grill for a good date night. It's has really consistent food and the only place we really recommend!

  5. Have you tried Gringos on Norfolk Ave and Mediterranean? It won't be as good as Cali Mex but it's the closest you will get here. They make everything fresh including the sour cream. At one point they didn't have a freezer. Also we love Cobalt Grill in Hilltop shopping center. It's good for a date night. It's the only place we recommend to friends.Try them out!

  6. Where are you parking for $20?? I never pay more than $10. Go down to Rudee Inlet - Municipal lot is $10 on weekends, $7 during the week. Plus Grommet Island Park is there - might be fun for Brady! It's my go-to spot if I'm going for more than a few hours.