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June 19, 2012
A few weeks ago, I introduced you to a brand new subscription box - Jolly Box. Jollybox is a care package service for college students and military, though I think anyone would enjoy a care package, even if they are not in college or the military.

Jollybox contacted me to review their very first box and I'm excited to share it with you. Contrary to popular belief, our troops are still deploying and still need support and snacks. 

A brief overview of how it works:
Customize: Fill out a profile for each care package and Jollybox will do the rest. You'll answer things like favorite color, pant size, shirt size, food preference and etc...

Personalize: Type a personal note to the recipient and Jollybox will include it in the delivery.

Themed: Each month, Jollybox will pick a new theme. Recipients will not get the same thing twice.

Plain packaging, after all if it's going to troops, they don't want pretty tissue paper 
I wasn't sure what to expect, but I thought it was kind of boring. My husband, the Marine, said it was fine.  Chips, sunflower seeds, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, energy shots, clorox wipes, beef jerky and granola bars. 
You can't tell how massive the bag of sunflower seeds is from this picture, but it's huge- bigger than the bag of wipes. My husband said it was too many seeds, but I said "you're going to be deployed for a while and I'm sure your friends would want some." The only item he thought was pointless were the Clorox wipes. Yes, my husband who is always cleaning thought the cleaning wipes were pointless. Who really cleans in the Middle East anyways? ha ha 

Overall, it's a great box and I know anyone who got a gift box every month would be really excited. It's  a nice gesture when you don't know what to send and they'll never get the same thing twice. 

Click to order a Jollybox for a special student or military member in your life and take $10 off when you enter FIRST10 at checkout! I think this would be awesome for kids or spouses who have a family member that is deployed, too! 


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