Meyers Briggs ESTJ

June 30, 2012
No, the title of this post is not a typo. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment is a psychometric questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions. Say what? The MBTI tells you how you perceive the world and what working and learning styles are best for you. 

I learned a lot about the way I think, why I think the way I do and why others don't think the way I do. We did this as a team building exercise with our marketing team last year and we learned a lot about each other. None of us were the same, and a lot of us were extreme opposites, which we kind of already knew. I learned a lot about how one of my coworkers thinks and don't get as frustrated with them as I used to. It's great for understanding yourself and others. It might seem boring as I describe it, but it really is interesting, if you have the opportunity to take the MBTI, do so! 
This entire post isn't about the MBTI, but explaining my MBTI results will help you understand me and the rest of this post. If you know your MBTI results, let me know in the comments!

ESTJ: Practical, realistic, matter-of-fact. Decisive, quickly move to implement decisions. Organize projects and people to get things done, focus on getting results in the most efficient way possible. Take care of routine details. Have a clear set of logical standards, systematically follow them and want others to also. Forceful in implementing their plans.

Is that so me, or what? It makes me feel a little better that I completely fall into a category and that I am not the only one. See, people? I enjoy running and planning things and doing it my way, I'm not a bitch, I'm an ESTJ. Thank you very much. 
God, please help me not to try to run everything. But, if you need some help, just ask. 

Here are a few blurbs about ESTJs, get to know me a little better: 
As an ESTJ, your primary mode of living is focused externally, where you deal with things rationally and logically. Your secondary mode is internal, where you take things in via your five senses in a literal, concrete fashion.

ESTJs live in a world of facts and concrete needs. They live in the present, with their eye constantly scanning their personal environment to make sure that everything is running smoothly and systematically. SEE! Myers-Briggs gets me!

ESTJs are take-charge people. They have such a clear vision of the way that things should be, that they naturally step into leadership roles. They are self-confident and aggressive. 

The ESTJ needs to watch out for the tendency to be too rigid, and to become overly detail-oriented. Since they put a lot of weight in their own beliefs, it's important that they remember to value other people's input and opinions.I don't wanna.

When bogged down by stress, an ESTJ often feels isolated from others. They feel as if they are misunderstood and undervalued, and that their efforts are taken for granted.  I said this two days ago.

ESTJs value security and social order above all else, and feel obligated to do all that they can to enhance and promote these goals. Shit. yes.

  • Generally enthusiastic, upbeat and friendly
  • Stable and dependable, they can be counted on to promote security for their families
  • Put forth a lot of effort to fulfill their duties and obligations
  • Responsible about taking care of day-to-day practical concerns around the house
  • Usually good (albeit conservative) with money
  • Not personally threatened by conflict or criticism
  • Interested in resolving conflict, rather than ignoring it
  • Take their commitments very seriously, and seek lifelong relationships
  • Able to move on after a relationship breaks up
  • Able to administer discipline when necessary

ESTJ Weaknesses

  • Tendency to believe that they are always right
  • Tendency to need to always be in charge
  • Impatient with inefficiency and sloppiness
  • Not naturally in tune with what others are feeling
  • Not naturally good at expressing their feelings and emotions
  • May inadvertantly hurt others with insensitive language
  • Tendency to be materialistic and status-conscious
  • Generally uncomfortable with change, and moving into new territories

Now to the real reason for this post. I swear  It seems like everyone is getting engaged, planning their weddings, getting pregnant and having babies. I'm married and I have a 16-month-old son. There is nothing left for me to plan. Have another kid you say? Check out 5 reasons why Brady will be an only child

I could see this post going in several directions, but I don't want to end up writing a novel. Here are my main thoughts, we'll see what I actually end up elaborating on. 
  • I wish Pinterest was around when I was planning my wedding
  • I wish Pinterest was around when I was pregnant 
  • It was probably less stressful not having Pinterest while engaged or pregnant, because I would've wanted everything I couldn't afford 
  • I'm a college graduate with an amazing career, husband, son and dogs. I have nothing left to plan. Nothing. 
  • Apparently I'm a jealous person, in a really strange way. 
  • I always think about what I would go back and change if I could. I don't regret anything, I'm talking, decorations, invitations, table placements and the most minute details that probably only I ever notice. 
  • I wish I owned a house so I could implement all of the awesome ideas I see on Pinterest
Now that all of my thoughts and current frustrations are out on the table, I'm not sure there is reason to elaborate. I am jealous of my friends planning their weddings, but not in a bad way. I am so excited for them and love watching them get pinspired. Back in 2007 when I was planning my wedding: Travis was in Iraq, I was finishing my last year of college, I didn't have a big budget, all of my inspiration came from bridal magazines (the internet was basically just for research and Facebook at that point) and I was the first of my friends to get married. My wedding planning is definitely going to be an upcoming post of its own. 

The internet was alive and well in 2010 when I was planning for Brady's arrival. Holy bookmarks. Pinterest would've been so helpful since I'm a visual person. I hated clicking 100 bookmarks to find that one thing I was looking for, but it's better than nothing. If Pinterest had been around, I probably would have gone crazy with DIY projects and crazy nursery inspiration, but we didn't go too crazy because we knew we would be moving within a year and he wouldn't be old enough to ever care what his room looked like in that house, but it was cute! 

My main frustration lately is that I'm done with college, I'm married and I have a son. We do not like the house we are renting as much as we thought we would, but we are done spending money trying to make it into our dream home. We have 18 months left here if we are lucky and we've only been here for 4 months, we made it enjoyable, but are not going out of our way to buy new decor or furniture, we'll save that for another house we love back in California. So back to the frustration, I have nothing to plan, aka I'm not in charge of anything ha ha. I guess I could start planning Brady's 2nd birthday party, but that's a bit too soon. 

I'm okay with the fact I have nothing to plan, I really am. Everyone tells me to sit back and enjoy life and Brady growing up. I promise that's what I'm doing. I am not in a hurry for him to grow up, he's growing up too fast (you'll understand when you're a parent, until then, it's annoying to hear). I never want to get married again and I wouldn't want to go through college again, though they were both so much fun. It's just that all my life I've had the next thing  to look forward to and plan. I'm not  looking forward to Brady growing up, well I am, but you know what I mean. 

So bottom line is that I get a little jealous when I see everyone planning the next step of their lives. I love my life and wouldn't change anything about it, so I'll live a little curiously through people's Pinterest boards, Facebook statuses and blog posts. 

This post isn't as bad as I thought it would be, it's just all of the feelings that I get when I see other people doing things. But, that's why I'm an ESTJ. Maybe upcoming posts will be how I would've done wedding and baby planning differently, just to clear my mind and to give you some pointers. 

I'm off to make my career even more amazing and to try to make the best of Virginia Beach, which we all know is damn near impossible. 

Speaking of anxious and wanting to control everything, I cannot wait to see round 1 of my new blog design! While you're patiently waiting, enter to win the July Conscious Box. 


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