copy-kids dvd review & giveaway

June 09, 2012

Copy-Kids is a DVD series designed to get very young children excited about eating fruits and vegetables. This positive approach in getting children to eat healthy from the start is fantastic. Children love to do what they see other children doing, so a DVD full of children eating fruits and vegetables is genius. 

Brady is only 15 months old, so he eats just about anything at this point, but he was so excited when he watched a couple of the segments. He goes back and forth on his love for avocados, currently he's not too pumped about them. I gave him some avocado while we watched the avocado segment and he though it was so much fun and asked for more. 

Copy-kids works, though, no matter how many times you make me watch the bell pepper segment, I will not eat bell peppers EVER. Ha. Maybe my mom should've had this DVD for me when I was a child. 

I recommend watching this with your child as soon as possible. The sooner they start watching it, the more they will love fruits and vegetables. I'm looking forward to watching this with Brady as he grows and seeing how his love for fruits and vegetables progresses. Enter to win a copy of your own at the end of this post. If you don't see the entry from, click "read more."

Kids love watching kids, but the DVD also features an interview with pediatrician, Dr. Jay Gordon, MD, FAAP, author of Good Food Today, Great Kids Tomorrow. He talks about childhood obesity and suggests ways parents can get their children to make healthier food choices and explains why Copy-Kids is a powerful idea. 

Stock up on these fruits and veggies because your child will want them as soon as they watch Copy-Kids. 

Apples – Avocado – Banana – Bell Pepper – Blueberries – Broccoli – Carrots – Cucumber – Orange – Raspberries – Strawberries – Tomato

Running time: 115 mins
Price: $19.95
Available for sale at http://www.copy-kids.com

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  1. avocados! because i love them.

  2. Any veggie my hubby doesn't eat! So Avocado, broccoli and tomatoes!

  3. I hope she loves almost anything! I was such a picky eater as a kid I dont want that to happen to her. I just barelly started liking Avocado so hopefully she'll continue to like that!