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May 28, 2012
I had a fantastic four days with Brady. Our internet has been down for several days and it has not bothered me one bit, though I'm behind on my blog schedule, but spending time with my little guy is always going to be more important.
Daycare was closed Friday and Monday for Memorial Day Weekend. I worked Friday morning and as soon as Brady was up from his morning nap, we headed to the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center. I knew he wouldn't be too pumped about the aquarium, since he doesn't even care about his Betta Fish, SeƱor Taco. The point was to get out of the house, finally see the aquarium and go for a stroll. Mission accomplished.
The nice thing about the VAMC is the path that connects the two buildings.
Saturday morning we were off to the event of the weekend: Jumping for a Purpose. Sponsored by Troopswap and benefiting Wounded Wear, the event featured wounded military personnel skydiving, with a side of fun, entertainment and food. Sponsors (businesses and individuals) donated $300+ for each veteran to skydive. Why? Because it's something some of them thought they would never have the chance to do. They've already had their life flash before their eyes, why not do it again, on purpose, while jumping out of a perfectly good airplane!
I met a lot of awesome veterans and really enjoyed hearing their stories. I need to always think of them when I think I'm having a bad day or have it rough. We're still allowed to have our bad days, but take a step back and evaluate how 'bad' it really is. It was also an eyeopener to hear how some of the injuries were sustained. One of the amputees told me (long story short) he was found unconscious in Afghanistan and it was assumed he was gassed. He has been unconscious for so long that his body stopped sending his leg (insert medical term that i forgot here) so by the time they found him, it was too late to save his leg. He wasn't able to jump since he doesn't have a femur and there was nothing to strap the harness too. He wasn't disappointed, he figured if he has made it this far, he probably shouldn't rig a harness so that he could jump. When I first saw him, I assumed something insane happened. Sure, how it went down isn't the norm, but you just assume it was blown off. Get to know a veteran and a wounded veteran, they don't bite. Though, the canine veterans might. ha ha
Brady had a blast hanging out in the Red Bull tent all day. I missed out on meeting a lot of the veterans because we were in this tent getting our wings on, but whatever kept Brady busy, I was doing.

After Tyler jumped, I found out that he was the wounded veteran that Travis, Brady and I sponsored. I was so inspired by his smiling face, positive attitude and behavior all day long, without meeting him. I posted and tweeted about how inspiring seeing a triple amputee was. I was intrigued by him more than others, and not because he was the most wounded, because I was miserably hot and as soon as I saw how much fun he was having, I no longer cared about the discomfort of being hot.
'Team Tyler' waiting at the drop zone and holding his legs while he jumped for a purpose. I didn't take a lot of photos this weekend and barely got Brady and I in any of them. My camera and phones were always in the stroller, which seemed to never be near us.

On Sunday, we got up early and did it all over again. This time, I made sure to spend more time inside the hangar. I met two wounded veterans and had a great time shooting the shit with them. I learned about their injuries, their families and what keeps them going. They've been through it all but were terrified to jump. While one was getting in the harness and getting on the plane, he kept looking over at Brady and I like 'I'm really going to do it!' It was amazing.

The 2nd Annual Jumping for a Purpose was a success, every wounded veteran was sponsored and fun was had by all. Hope to have a bigger turnout next year, but nevertheless the purpose was served. If you're in the Hampton Roads area, mark your calendars now for Memorial Day Weekend next year. Start saving to sponsor a wounded veteran. If you set aside $1 every day for one year, you'll have a wounded veteran sponsored.

Shortly after we got home, our friends invited us over for kid swim time and a summer dinner (on the grill, duh). We packed our things and headed over. For some reason, Brady wanted nothing to do with the pool, but had a good time playing with his buddy. We had brats, potato salad and watermelon, a nice, light summer meal. 
Brady went to bed when we got home then all hell broke loose at 2300. Brady was screaming bloody murder, I was sure his leg had been sawed off by a dull spoon. He SCREAMED and cried for two hours. Nothing would soothe him. He calmed down a few times in my arms, but as soon as he was almost asleep, he pissed himself off all over again. Finally, it was getting to the point where he would go to sleep, but somehow knew when I left the room, and it started all over again. I went to my room, grabbed my pillow and comforter and camped out next to his crib. He fell right asleep once he saw that I wasn't leaving. He woke up a couple of times, saw me there and went back to sleep. I was so tired, I didn't care where I slept.
Today, Memorial Day, Brady took a nap from 0915-1315. I thought he was in a coma, I had to check on him a few times. I didn't get much done because I really didn't think he would sleep that long, so I didn't get started on things. I couldn't work outside because I forgot to turn the monitor on, but with that coma nap, I could've gotten everything I needed done in the yard!
We were invited back to our friends' house for pool time and bbq, but we had errands to run, laundry to do and after this hectic weekend, I just wanted to sit in the quite, with the babbles of Brady. We hung out on the deck while he played with his water table, slid down his slide and started at the neighbors jumping in their trampoline. The neighbors' back yard gets all of the sun, ours gets none. Sad face.
It was a great weekend. Travis finally comes home next weekend and it'll be time to have even more fun. Brady's Godfather (AKA Travis' heterosexual life mate)  is visiting the weekend after! Hope you had a sunny and relaxing weekend. Look forward to a lot of catching up, reviews and giveaways to come during the next week.

Semper Fi,


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