mother's day

May 14, 2012
Cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow... for babies grow up we've learned to our sorrow...so quiet down cobwebs...dust go to sleep...I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep.

My grandma gave this to my mom on her (my mom's) first Mother's Day and wrote "To our dearest daughter on the occasion of her very first Mother's Day. 5/11/86" I was born in March 1985, but adopted a few days after Mother's Day 1985, so my mom's first was in 1986.

My mom gave this to me last year, on MY first Mother's Day and wrote "To our dearest daughter, on the occasion of her very first Mother's Day" (same message as my grandma) 5/8/11.

I love it! I won't have a daughter to pass it down to, maybe a daughter-in-law (if she's lucky) but it is something I will cherish forever.

I received an heirloom this year from Travis' mom. She wrote "Many years ago for Mother's Day, I received this from my boys.  I no longer wear it and thought that you would like it. It speaks the truth, you are #1 Mom."  Travis gave it to his mommy and now his mommy is giving it to the mommy of his son. I love it.

I love gifts, but I don't need gifts. The gifts that mean the most to me are the ones that have meaning. This year, my mom sent me three new silver chains, because I'm always looking for new necklace chains. I put my journey diamonds (that Travis gave me years ago) on one of the new chains and it looks just like new!

I spent the weekend at the 2012 Military Blog Conference and was able to see Travis both nights! He was too anxious to wait until Mother's Day to give me my gift (no complaints) so I got it on Friday night. Travis and Brady got me a Pandora Bracelet with two charms and a heart spacer. He said since it was Mother's Day, most charms were sold out, but I think he picked the perfect ones. One says Mom (from Brady), the other says to my love from me and it is shaped like an envelope-love letters. Letters mean a lot to us because that was much of our relationship and receiving letters from Iraq was something very special to me. The spacer is red with pink hearts, because they love me, but it also makes me think of Valentine's Day- when Brady was supposed to be born, but I refused a c-section and waited through the night only to have a c-section on February 15.

I didn't have interest in Pandora bracelets before because I thought they were like whatever these bracelets were called (they were cool in 2006/7). Once I put the bracelet on and thought about the meaning of the charms, I fell in love. I cannot wait to add to the bracelet and be able to tell all of the stories about each charm to Brady and his lady when they are older. You never understand why moms wear things like that until you are a mom and have this kind of jewelry of your own. You're damn proud!

I drove home early on Sunday morning and picked up Brady around 10. We spent the rest of the morning unpacking and cleaning the house and giggling. He took a very long nap, and I was able to take a two hour nap as well, it was amazing. Then we went shopping at the NEX and I about lost my damn mind. This was the status I posted on Facebook after:

A lady at the NEX got her face all up in Brady's face and said what a pretty necklace on a BOY, what is wrong with your mother? (I was paying at the checkout) I turned around and asked her why the fuck she had a mustache because my child's TEETHING NECKLACE serves a purpose.
I said it quietly and calmly because the last thing I want to do is cause a scene in a military establishment. I don't need to elaborate on the situation, it speaks for itself. After the fun adventure, I bought him a smoothie because his feelings were hurt (I'm so good at making up excuses to do things) and then we picked up Goose and Maverick from the kennel.

Brady and I went out and had Thai for dinner (even though Travis took me out to dinner on Saturday night for Mother's Day) and then came home and had bath time. It was a bath time for the record books. Here's my Facebook status about it:

hahaha Brady was in the bathtub and got so excited when Goose walked in that he literally dove head first out of the bathtub, got up and walked over to Goose like it was normal. Travis was a witness on Skype 
 I wish Skype would have recorded it. It was classic. He hugged Goose and then kept walking, while dripping, to his room and started playing. Because that's completely normal, right?

It was a great weekend and also a tease. A few more weeks until Travis is home and we can go back to having some fun together! Oh, and we gave our moms a Conscious Box as their gift this year.

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  1. I love the gifts you got. How sweet!!!

    I was thinking about asking dustin for a pandora bracelet this year but decided he needed to think for himself for once. I never get surprises because he always asks what I want! It seems like I see them everywhere and I like the idea of a story for every charm. Maybe Ill drop the hint for my birthday!!

  2. Thanks. This is the first time, ever, Travis has done something on his own. I prepared myself for him not to remember because he was not in town, he's always gone for every holiday it seems like. My first mother's day didn't exist... so I just figured it would never exist. i was pleasantly surprised. I think i'm going to have to shave my arm where the bracelet goes- i'm not hairy but that chain pinches the tiny hairs and it hurts!