jamberry nails review & giveaway

May 04, 2012

I love having my nails done, I especially love not having to get them done often. The past couple of years I have really enjoyed getting Shellac no chip manicures, but don't always have time to go every two weeks and it's about $30-$40 per time, so I started using Sally Hansen Nail Strips- they work pretty well for a few days- as long as you use a top coat, which it doesn't say to do.

I stumbled upon something even better. Jamberry Nail Shields! The shields are a vinyl-based film covering that is both heat and pressure activated. These are not stickers or decals and they are not made of nail polish like Sally Hansen's. The variety Jamberry offers wowed me.

Dawn, an awesome representative from Jamberry sent me a sheet to review and told me to a video on the website showing how to apply them. At first, it was off-putting that I had to be taught how to put them on, I just wanted something easy.

18 shields with sizes for everyone
After watching the video, I realized it wasn't so bad, it was more of a best practices video. To apply the Jamberry Shields you will need a hair dryer, nail scissors and a nail file. Sounds like a lot of work, but once I realized that there was a process to it, I was pretty assured that the shields were going to last for a while.
sorry for the foot picture (I hate feet)
I applied them to my toenails because I had just painted my finger nails with new polish, so I was too stubborn to take it off.

They didn't take very long to apply, the only thing that bothered me was that it got pretty hot using the hair dryer to warm up the shields and then applying heat to them again once they are on the nail. Next time, I will probably use tweezers to hold the shields while they are heating up. The process is effective, I left them on my toes for a week and ended up taking them off because I had a meeting to go to and wanted neutral color nails. It says to remove them by applying heat again, but I peeled them off after picking at a corner.

I'm not a big fan of green, but I really enjoyed having this color and design on my toes. I got a lot of compliments, too.

The best part is that this is how much I have left over after doing both of my feet. I'm excited to be able to use the shields a few more times.

Want your very own Jamberry Nail Sheilds? Dawn has been generous enough to give one lucky reader of Diamonds, Dog Tags & Diapers a sheet of their own. Enter to win via Rafflecopter, below. Don't see it? Click "read more."
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I was not compensated for this review. I did receive a free sheet of Jamberry Nail Shields. The opinions stated above are my own. 


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    Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

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    God bless!

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