i got it wrong, too

May 28, 2012
There are differences between Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Armed Forces Day. The fact that few know the difference shows on those days, as well as Independence Day. 4 times a year, well 5 since September 11, 2001, people jump on the patriotism bandwagon. 

I am happy that people recognize the holiday, but I feel they only post a status or photo with Old Glory in it and maybe a crying spouse or child so that others think they are patriotic, understand the holiday and are a good person. I have no problem with these posts, for the most part. The problem is, these people only show patriotism 5 days a year and have no idea what the holidays mean. Today I've seen so many messages to active duty personnel thanking them for their service. While that's a nice gesture, it goes to show they have no idea why they have the day off. Is 'memorial' a hard word to understand? Maybe. 

Memorial Day is for those who died in active military service. After reading the definition, I realize that I, too, honor the wrong people. While I spend the day thinking about the love ones I've lost who have ever served, most of them did not die AT war, but served. I don't think it's bad to recognize Memorial Day as a day to remember all who have ever served and are no longer with us, but that's just us modifying holidays again. 

I admit, I got it wrong, but I was close. 

Memorial Day: A day, the last Monday in May, on which those who died in active military service are remembered.

Veterans Day: A public holiday held on the anniversary of the end of World War I (November 11) to honor US veterans and victims of all wars. It replaced Armistice Day in 1954

Armed Forces Day the 3rd Saturday in May. Several nations of the world hold an annual Armed Forces Day to recognize, venerate, and honor their military forces.

There you have it. I realize most of you reading this know the difference between those so no explanation is really needed. 

As s'mores are made, bonfires die and the bugs come out, we lay another patriotic day to rest. I was patriotic before it was cool and will always be. We'll see everyone else's flags, sales, fireworks and "cheers to [insert something stupid about freedom here]" toasts again on July 4, 2012. 

Some call me a bitch when it comes to stuff like this, I'm not sure how being patriotic is bitchy... there is no problem with understanding what a holiday is really about. You're friends with me and/or follow my blog because you know that I'm going to post what others are afraid to say. If you don't like it, leave.

I hope you had a sunny and relaxing weekend. I'll be posting about mine soon. I could think of a better way to have spent it.

Semper Fi, 


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