Heading to Military Blog Conference

May 10, 2012
I'm heading to the 2012 Military Blog Conference tomorrow in Arlington, Virginia. I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of awesome people and meeting some of the bloggers I follow IRL.

I have a lot in the works for Diamonds, Dog Tags and Diapers for the second half of this year and am excited for the inspiration I will get this weekend to do even more.

20th Century Fox contacted me and sent me screener copies of Act of Valor  and Red Tails. Read my reaction to Act of Valor here. I'm watching Red Tails tonight. On Friday, I will be interviewing Elijah Kelly from Red Tails and on Saturday I will be interviewing Scott Waugh, Director of Act of Valor. If you have any questions or comments for them, feel free to comment below.

I'm going to miss my son to pieces, but am looking forward to a bit of a mommy break. My husband has been gone for a few weeks and will not be home for a few more, but I'm going to be able to see him Saturday night. Woo too! Ikea trip and a toddler-free dinner!

I hope you have an amazing Military Spouse Appreciation Day tomorrow, and if you're not a spouse, let one know that you appreciate them or that you're there for them. Happy early Mother's Day as well. You can follow the Military Blog Conference on Twitter with #MilBlogCon and #MilBloggies.

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Semper Fi, 

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