the good, the bad & the ugly: nursing

May 01, 2012

Brady is 14 months old, so it's been a while since has nursed, but since I took time off from my baby blog (right?) during Brady's first year, it's time to back post

I haven't met anyone who hasn't had to overcome an obstacle with nursing. I went through a few challenges with nursing, which are know are typical, but at the time, you feel alone and not to mention, probably in excruciating pain.

Brady had a hard time latching at the hospital so they gave me a Medela nipple shield (a what?).

My nipples (this is awkward) are flatter than most- they look normal to me, but I guess were hard to latch on to. So this bad boy went over me and it was easier for Brady to latch on to. It didn't hurt me as bad because the saliva wasn't irritating my nipples- but it still hurt like hell. They were saying his frenulum needed to be clipped (the thing that attaches your tongue to the bottom of your mouth) his pediatrician said no way, he was fine. So we went with our pedi's recommendation. It was annoying always having to have the shield around, so I bought several. I tried a couple of times to not use it but it was so frustrating so I kept using it. The day Travis deployed, Brady was 3 weeks & 1 day old, I was so upset and frustrated anyways, I figured I might as well try nursing without the shield. He latched right away and from then on we didn't have to use it. Good boy!

Then, I had Mommy's First Scare. Read about it here.

Bloody, cracked, sore nipples. No sugar coating anything here. It's all worth it because breastfeeding is the best thing for your baby. Some women's milk does not come in-there's nothing you can do about it. I was happy after having a breast augmentation in 2009 that i was still able to breastfeed, I wasn't too concerned before I gave birth since the implants are under the muscle.

I nursed Brady until he was 9 months old. He went to daycare when he was 14 weeks old, but I always pumped and took milk with him. When he was 9 months old, he got sick and couldn't have milk. After being at daycare most of the day and only drinking pedialyte, he weaned himself. My internal goal was to make it to a year, but the kid already had 8 teeth and he was so big and acting like a little person, I was starting to feel awkward.

I've been writing this post for a while with at least 50 distractions in between words and I have no idea where I am going with this anymore. It's late and I have other things on my mind. Bottom line- if you can breastfeed- do it. I know people who only pumped and then gave the baby a bottle- do what makes you feel comfortable- if you can provide your milk for your baby- do it!

It was also easier at nights when I could roll over and just put him in bed with me to nurse for a little while or rock him when he was older. I didn't have to go downstairs in the middle of the night, make a bottle and hope to not fall up or down the stairs because I was still sleeping.

When we were in public I always brought milk in a bottle. I have nothing against nursing in public, but it's not for me. If I had to, I went in the bathroom or my car.

Breastfeeding sucks. Literally. But it's all worth it and the pain only lasts a couple of weeks.... then ya don't feel a damn thing! It was also a saving grace, I could lie on the couch, give the boob to Brady knowing he would nurse a little and fall asleep... nap time for both of us!

Now that you know all there is to know about my boobs...I'm going to blog about something completely not body related! :)

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