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May 29, 2012
I had the pleasure of interviewing spending time with Act of Valor Director, Scott Waugh at the 2012 Military Blog Conference.

I went to the interview without a written agenda, I prefer having a conversation, things are more interesting and personal that way. We had a fantastic conversation and occasionally talked about the film. ha ha

I started writing this almost verbatim with what he and I said while listening to the recording of our conversation. I decided to take a different route and give you the highlights that relate to the film.

If you have not seen the film, click the link above and read my brief review and reaction.

I asked Scott if civilians caught on to the scene where the just in case letter was exchanged, and/or if they realized at the end of the movie what took place during that initial scene and that it set the stage for the rest of the film . He was taken aback by my question because it had not been brought up before. After thinking about it, he assumes people realize at the end what it's all about and that during the initial scene, it's something special for military families because they understand it. Not to say that the letter or circumstance is special, but knowing what it is and understanding it is. 

We then got talking about the wives in the movie. Turns out, they are real SEALs and real wives. Scott said the goodbye scene is how that couple really says goodbye. Scott asked the wife what she and her husband talk about before he leaves, and she said nothing much, she wants him to know that she will be fine without him, but the minute the door shuts, she's a basket case. I can definitely relate to that. Scott wanted to capture that because it is so powerful and shows how strong wives are and, in a sense, they are just as heroic as their men.

Scott wanted to show the 'real' side of the SEALs. They are lovable, likable guys, just like the rest of us when they are outside of their work environment. Hollywood always shows the badass terminators and any character played by Bruce Willis, he wanted to focus on what's real. Scott met the SEALs in civis and said he "met them as bros first; normal dudes with normal problems." 

Scott has taken a lot of wrath from the media regarding 'bad acting.' Scott's defense is that it's not acting, at all. It's real people/SEALs being themselves. 

I asked Scott if, after spending four years with SEALs and military personnel, he is an advocate for our service members. 

He said that he is an even more proud American now and it pisses him off when movies slam America and the military. The Bandidto Brothers will not consider scripts that bash the USA or that are stories of military and government corruption. 

We talked a lot about the family and personal side of the military and he asked me a lot about my own life. The main takeaway from talking with him and watching the film is that military personnel are people too. They aren't just bad ass machines that go on killing sprees. Get to know them, their families, their friends and the bond they share with their brothers. You will really create an emotional connection with this film. 

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Semper Fi,


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