working from home: the truth

April 09, 2012
I'm not talking about direct sales or home based businesses, I'm talking about working for a corporate headquarters, from home.
I am fortunate to work for the same company I worked for in California, but on the other side of the country from my home office.
Don't be jealous
Brady still goes to daycare. I'm on more calls than I ever was before and I don't do what you think I do all day.

Working from home is just as demanding, if not more than being at the office. I don't leave my home office unless I have to go to the bathroom or I'm eating lunch.

I live in Eastern Standard Time and work in Pacific Standard Time. By the time I'm thinking about lunch, my co-workers are just starting to get into the office. Having a 3 hour lead on the West Coast is good for the fact that I can take Brady to daycare in the morning, catch up on blogging, get a workout in, shower and get ready and run any errands if I need to.

The downside of working 3 hours ahead of everyone else? When I'm wrapping up for the day, picking Brady up from daycare, starting dinner, eating dinner and doing bedtime stuff, everyone at work is blowing up my email and phone.

I've gotten a lot better about only doing work-related things during the evening if someone has called me and needs something. I was working around the clock when I first got here and I had a lot of stress and anxiety.

I am on more calls than I ever was before, because I can't just walk around the office and talk to people. My boss prefers to talk vs. email, so I'm always on the phone with him.

Now that I finally have my new routine down, I've set up a schedule for myself this week to test that includes more cleaning and laundry around the house. In 2 weeks, Brady will start staying home on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have definitely had to modify my lifestyle a bit.

what you think i do vs what i really do
You catch up on your shows and watch trashy daytime TV 
Wrong. If my TV is on in my office, I have it on the DirecTV "Ink'd" music station. I don't watch TV shows during the day. My TV is behind me and is there for background noise. 

You can go to Target and the grocery store whenever you want
If I run errands or go to the store during the week, it's because I need human interaction or I have some downtime. I try to go to the store before 11 a.m. so no one is expecting me to be at my desk, but I always have my work phone with me. I will also go around 3:00 because that's when people are usually headed to lunch in California. Same with manis and pedis, I try to wait until the weekend to have any me-time. 

Your house must be perfect, you can cook and clean all day. 
I alluded to this before, but when I wake up in the morning, the house looks the same when I'm done working. This week I'll be trying a new routine 

You lay outside and get a tan all day
IF I sit outside, I have to sit in the front of my house because our house blocks the sun in our backyard. i only sit outside if I'm on a call that I know I won't have to talk on. I sit outside and work and hope to get a bit of a tan. I'm definitely not going to lay out in a bathing suit for the neighborhood to look out their front windows and stare. 

You surf the internet all day. 
The only time I read blogs is before I start working. I'm rarely on Pinterest anymore (sad) and when I am, I'm on my Nook laying on the couch at night. I often have to turn off my personal computer so I don't get distracted. Yes, I can do everything from my work computer, but it's a little slower so I only do what I have to on my work computer. 

That about sums up working from home in a nutshell. I enjoy it because I am still able to work for my awesome company that I love in California. Hopefully we aren't here more than 18 more months, MAX. So I can keep pulling strings to stay at the company. There aren't many jobs available in the Va Beach area.

Off to clean...

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  1. Hallelujah! I can't tell you how many times I've had one of my friends ask me to babysit or tell me how nice it must be to screw off all day and "work from home." Um..SORRY! I have a job that pays me money and I have deadlines that are real! I can't just willy nilly do whatever I want. I'm adding this to the list of things to rant about next. The list is long, but distinguished. ;)