wonderful weekend

April 23, 2012

I inteded on posting this Saturday night, but Verizon Internet sucks, to say the least. I came to Panera to use their wifi, so here we go. We had a great weekend. Travis left on Sunday for 6 weeks so we packed in as much as we could on Saturday. We didn't intentionally plan a gazillion things to do, but it was so nice and warm out, we just had to! 
At 7:45 on Saturday we headed to The Little Gym for a trial class. I really wasn't sure what to expect, but I see it when I occasionally go to Ulta. 
 There is a new curriculum each week that focuses on developing all of the skills children need to thrive. 
 The 45-mintue class starts with a welcome song and shakers. The class has a schedule with several songs, individual, group and partner activities. It's a really fun place. 
 Brady's first forward roll- I'm sure we've done this at home, but not on the "hot dog"
 He learned to walk along the bars. We went over to the balance beam after, but he wasn't very interested.  He even hung on the uneven bars, well, one of them. 
 If they stray from the center of the room where the majority of parents and children are located, we are supposed to let them do whatever they want, while keeping our eye on them. Brady loved the round thing and bars. 

 We had bubble time. We learned the sign for bubble, encouraged Brady to catch or pop one with his finger. Classes are in semesters and they are half way through the semester right now. We signed Brady up for the rest of the semester and I'm really excited. He will go on Tuesdays and Saturdays and be doing flips and shit in no time ;)

We went to class during his typical nap time at home (Different nap time at daycare. It's weird but it doesn't phase him) and he sat in his crib for an hour refusing to sleep, so we got out our bikes and the new bike trailer and went for a ride. 
 We rode up to FireBrew (AMAZING) for lunch, back to the neighborhood and rode around the neighborhood until he fell asleep. Once we realized he fell asleep we went straight home to put him down for an afternoon nap. 
 He refused the afternoon nap as well. He never refuses naps. Too much fun today, I guess. So, screw the nap, we're heading to the beach! 
 One perk of living the military lifestyle is that our beaches aren't crowded. We live in a  tourist trap, but tourists don't have access to base. Dam Neck's beach is perfect! 
 Travis built sand castles and Brady knocked them down. Travis was getting upset, just as upset as he gets when Brady knocks down whatever he builds with blocks. I told him my dad still hasn't forgiven me for ruining his sandcastles so he should just get used to it and accept it now. 
 (do you really see any sand castles in these photos to get upset about? haha) 
 Shovel...spoon...same thing. MMM sand! 

 haha he looks silly 

 the water was COLD. Travis used to try to make Virginia Beach sound delightful when we still lived in California by telling me the Atlantic was always bath water temperature. I don't know what effing baths he's been taking, but I'm not a polar bear! 
 Brady was not happy about the ice cold water. Neither was I. 

I don't take snacks to the beach that require picking up or touching- like crackers. Avoid the sand with Plum Baby squeezes.
After the beach we came home and had chipotle baby back ribs that had been cooking in the slow cooker all day. MMM! On Sunday, Brady and I sat inside while it rained all day and did arts and crafts from BabbaBox and Green Kids Crafts (review coming today or tomorrow). 
I hope you had a great weekend and have a great week!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Gyms for babies are great. I work in one and thier coordination and fine motor skills get such an improvement.