technology makes us look old

April 19, 2012
You know how we make fun of our parents for listening to records in their younger years? 
Our kids are going to make fun of us for putting our pinky finger and thumb up to our ear pretending it's a phone. 
This day in age, no phone looks like the one we pretend to use. 

I used Brady's toy phone the other day and he laughed at me when I put it up to my ear as if I was being silly. 
Do you know what he did? Grabbed a piece of toy bread and put it up to his ear and said 'hello?' 

Why? because the piece of bread looks more like my iPhones and Blackberry than the toy phone does! 
We have more in common with Zack Morris than we thought. 

Next, it will be keys. My Audi A6 had the push start button and the typical key hole, but my key was anything but normal. 
My Audi A4 had a version of push start, but I still had to use the 'key.'

My Jeep Grand Cherokee has a key and a push start. No idea why I have anything that resembles a key since there is nowhere to put it. 
My Durango has the same key as the Jeep, and a place to put it. 

Brady's play keys? Old school. He'll be so confused. 

I miss my Audis.