mom vs dad

April 13, 2012
There is a difference between a mom and a dad. I don't mean gender specific. Most things in a child's life wouldn't happen or exist without a mom. I'm not talking about the gift of life. Moms do all of the shopping, planning, preparations and execution.

In my house, if I didn't do the things I do, Brady wouldn't have:
- Clothes
- Shoes
- Sunscreen & Bug spray
- Food
- Diapers & Wipes
- Toys
- Gifts
- Activities
- Towels

He probably would still have
- A bath

I love my husband more than ever, but do men just assume women will take care of everything?

When we are at the grocery store and walk by the children's food, he doesn't flinch, he keeps walking and kind of gives me a weird look when I stop.

We pass Brady-size shoes at the store and again, he doesn't flinch, he assumes I have a stock pile of hidden shoes for Brady at home? I don't. The kid needs shoes.

Could my husband tell me what size clothes Brady wears? Maybe. Has he ever bought or suggested buying Brady clothes? When I say we need to go clothes shopping he says "Brady has clothes," yes, he has a shit load of clothes that don't fit him- have you noticed that his jeans have turned into skinny jeans? His shirts are starting to show his belly and you can barely get them over his head?

By now, he might know what size diapers Brady wears, but he doesn't know the brand (even though I only buy Pampers). He knows we are getting low on diapers and has never said anything- cue diaper fairy.

Yes, Brady has a lot of toys that he got for his birthday, but getting developmental and fine motor skills toys is a must. Travis doesn't even take a glance at the toys when we are at the store. No, we don't need to buy toys every time we go, but it's fun to look sometimes and see if there is something Brady would love.

Outside toys? Why would we need those?

Brady wouldn't have had birthday gifts if Travis had his way. "That's what everyone else is for, he won't remember." Hey mom and dad what did you get my for my first birthday? "nothing." No way, Jose! Not on my watch. Actually, he probably wouldn't have had a birthday party- several times Travis made fun of me for all of the planning I did. Christmas? Good thing I was shopping for toys and clothes all year. I was always annoyed that my mom bought her own presents and stuffed her own stocking- now I get it. Easter? It was implied that I had been Easter Basket shopping, good thing the Easter Bunny came.

Brady would have no idea what finger paint, or ice painting, chalk or coloring is if dad had anything to do with it.

Maybe it's just implied that I will take care of everything because I am a planner and a shopper. I have no problem with it. I would once like to not buy anything for an occasion and see if it phases Travis, but that will never happen, I enjoy shopping for others and I enjoy being prepared. That's why I buy my own stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts- I wouldn't have had anything to open otherwise.

Travis would give Brady a bath if I wasn't around, but he would probably have to use one of our towels since he doesn't know where or why to buy kids towels. The sweet hoods, that's why!

I love Travis with all of my heart and wouldn't have it any other way, but I'm wondering if it's like this in your house, too. I guess this is what moms are for! Travis will teach Brady the 'manly' things in life like playing sports, climbing trees and all of the dangerous things that will give me a heart attack!


  1. Dustin is in every way the same. I asked him to pick up diapers the other day....gave specific instructions even and what's he do? Comes home with the wrong size and says "well I bet they would fit her" oh men.

  2. Yep this is exactly how our house is too. Though my husband is good at telling me when he's used the last diaper. LOL #UBP12