military life lessons: non-deployable

April 30, 2012
The first few years when Travis and I were dating, he was non-deployable. It gave me peace of mind and I never had to worry about a deployment in the heat of OIF. Yes, there are non-deployable billets, but they are few and far between, unless you're a master deployment dodger like a few people we know. . .

We took this position in Virginia Beach because it is non-deployable WOO HOO! How exciting that Travis will be able to spend a couple of years with Brady and we won't have to worry too much about him. We've been here for 2 months and last week he left for 6 weeks. Yes, he's non-deployable but that doesn't mean he's non-schoolable (I make words up). He is at a course for 6 weeks, so it's just Brady and I. I don't mind a week or two here or there, but I would almost prefer a 6-7 month deployment vs. a short stint like this, it's just annoying, especially when he's only a few hours away.

The plus side? I enjoy working and blogging, so when Brady goes to bed, I don't have to feel bad for being on my computer- I get a lot done when he's out of town!

So military life newbies, understand the real meaning of non-deployable.


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