Menu Plan Monday

April 09, 2012
A lot of people have asked about the recipes I use and to see my weekly meal plan. I don't think it's that exciting, but I will do this every Monday for you.
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Sunday, April 8 through Saturday, April 14
Cookbook: Hungry Girl 300 under 300
This week, I'm trying all new recipes from Hungry Girl 300 under 300. I bought this cookbook for my Nook featuring 300 breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes under 300 calories. 

I'm in the process of creating a separate weekly non-menu related calendar for our fridge because I don't like mixing the two on the style menu board I'm using right now. I'll be sure to post it when I am finished.

Sunday:       Bison chili, corn bread and twice baked potatoes (family recipes) 
Monday:      Asian veggies & chicken packets 
Tuesday:      Southwest Corn Chowder
Wednesday: Stuffed Cabbage 
Thursday:    Chili Frito Burrito 
Friday:         Sweet & Sour Chicken 
Saturday:     Caribbean Shrimp Surprise

Here's to hoping they are amazing, delicious recipes 

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