Master Bathroom & Shower Curtain Review

April 03, 2012
We moved a couple of months ago and are renting our house since we will only be here 2 years at the most. We moved from a master bathroom that was bigger than Brady's bedroom (huge) to a master bathroom that we both cannot be in at the same time.
The bathroom has ugly shower doors, floor and vanity. We painted it grey with a yellow, grey and white theme in mind, but once the paint was on the walls, it seemed to have a blue tinge to it, so we didn't go all out with the yellow accents.

I found an awesome rug that I'm obsessed with and looks better in person. At first, we bought the yellow version, but it was too much (too much color, not money). That made the bathroom feel a little more pleasant, but I still couldn't stand the shower doors.

I fell in love with a ruffle, waterfall shower curtain on a very expensive website and found a much more affordable version on Simply French Market's shop on Etsy.
I bought a plain curtain, since I don't need the shower curtain liner because it will not be getting wet, it's just hiding our ugly shower doors.

Now, I don't think I can have both the curtain and rug in the bathroom- there is too much going on, so I may go back and forth switching them out so I can enjoy them both.

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Happy Shopping! http://www.etsy.com/shop/SimplyFrenchMarket


  1. Chels, You are an amazing decorator. Can you come back home and help us? We're desperate.