if you fail to plan, you plan to fail

April 13, 2012
I am a big planner. I live by lists, calendars and detailed plans. I am a visual, written learner, so I prefer physical paper planners vs. my phone for my personal life. For work, I live by my Outlook calendar since it is always so full, but write down work related meetings in my physical personal planner, too. 

I love my Erin Condren Life Planner, but I keep my blog planner separate. I don't want my life planner to get congested. No one wants a congested life :) 
This is one of the many weekly blog planners I have created. I used to use other free printable blog calendars, but finally found time to customize my own. I'm making tweaks to them as I go and plan on making the perfect (half of) 2012 and 2013 spiral bound planner, that will include  52 pages of weekly calendars and 12 pages of custom monthly calendars, as well as custom review & giveaway outlines that I've created. 

How do you plan your blog?


  1. i love the planner you created!

  2. I bought one of these awhile back, a little pricey but totally worth it!