Hunt Club Farm Easter Egg Hunt

April 08, 2012
On Saturday, Travis, Brady and I met Hunt Club Farm Brady's BFF, Logan, and his parents at Hunt Club Farm for their annual Easter Egg Hunt. We've seen signs and advertisements since we moved here two months ago and have been so excited to go.

They always have a big pumpkin on their roof and a few days before Easter weekend, they dressed it up.
It was about 68 degrees and sunny, almost felt like a California day. The kids have a 10 egg limit and if they get a pink slip in their egg, they win a big basket. Logan and Brady didn't get a pink slip, they really didn't even care about the hunt, but it was fun to see them walking around and playing with each other.

 After the hunt, we wandered over to the petting zoo, where Logan and Brady fed  ate the goats' food, pulled their ears and poked the llamas.

We had a lot of fun and I'm excited to see Hunt Club Farm during the summer, Halloween and Christmas- it looks like a great place to start traditions, for the few years we are here.

After the festivities, we got snocones and headed over to Logan's house for a BBQ. I didn't take many pictures because we brought our camera but I forgot the memory card at home, then my phone memory was full after the Easter Egg Hunt. Poor planning.

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  1. That looks fun!! Sometimes I see pics of you and have to look twice bc I think it's me hahaha