Flashback: Brady's 1st Easter

April 06, 2012

Last Easter (2011) Brady was 2 months old, Travis was deployed and I still wanted to make it fun! I'm not one to volunteer to go to activities on base, but this year I did. I was still close with a couple of the wives from the team (notice I said still close- things changed) and we went to the 13th MEU's Easter Egg Hunt.

We also had our own Easter fun at home. Brady slept, I dyed eggs. I didn't do anything fancy since I was exhausted and no one was going to see them, or care. I also went all out on his Easter Basket, as did his Grandma Carla and Grandma Suzette (and their husbands), but we all know the women do all the work ;) 
Brady was pretty spoiled between the three of us: 

I also know how to make great blackmail for the future. I found a super cute hat and diaper cover on Etsy. C'mon, Travis wasn't here to stop me and I'm allowed to do cute things to my kid until he has a say! I went to the extent to making this an Easter card and sending it to everyone! 
I love you, Brady! 

Have a wonderful Easter Weekend! We are going to an awesome Easter Egg Hunt with Brady's BFF tomorrow at Hunt Club Farm, then we will have our own little Easter at home on Sunday.


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