DIY Shopping List

April 04, 2012
Recently, I finally made a custom menu board for my kitchen. It was time to make a grocery list that doesn't drive me insane. For a while, we were writing everything we need on the whiteboard and taking photos of it on our phones to the store- lame. Then, we did the typical lists that are all over the place.

Finally, I went to commissaries.com and found our commissary and it's floor plan. They list each major item in each aisle. I didn't get too detailed, but I used the general categories. This way, I can follow my list top to bottom, left to right, aisle by aisle.

I used my list today for next week's menu (early planning, I was eager to use it) and it worked flawlessly.
Produce, Deli & Bakery, Meat, Hygiene, Brady, Household, Goose & Maverick, Kitchen, Beverages, Snacks, Breakfast, Baking, Frozen, Dairy, Cans & Packages, Miscellaneous

You're more than welcome to use this if you have a Brady, Goose and Maverick :) 
The first one I made was super creative and looked like a graphic designer put it together, but I don't need a beautiful shopping list, that just wastes printer ink. 
When I write out my list, I highlight the box if I have a coupon, then I check the box off as I put the items in my cart. 
Easy as that. 

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