April 10, 2012
Travis is an avid mountain biker and racer - I am not. Now that Travis will be home this summer (fingers crossed) we want to start taking bike rides (non-mountain) and I don't think I've ridden a bike since junior high. Travis came home last week and asked if I wanted a beach cruiser. I always made fun of the ones I saw in California, maybe because they had baskets on the front?
Schwinn Windwood
We went out and looked at them and I fell in love with a Schwinn Windwood BUT I forgot that beach cruisers only have one speed and no handle brakes. I would be the one trying to pedal backwards for fun and forget that backpedaling equals BRAKING on a beach cruiser- then I would crash. No thanks. I forgot to mention that we will be pulling Brady in a bike trailer - so I really don't need to be crashing.
I would get the Schwinn Windwood if I was literally going to be cruising the beach sans-kid.
this one was a little more expensive because of the rack on the back- pointless for me

The hunt continued for another bike, I don't need an $8,000 mountain bike, but I want something more than a beach cruiser. I was only looking at Schwinn, because I'm a snob. I wanted more than one speed, because who wants to roll in one speed? I remembered I was very picky about speeds as a child, I like to have options.

I looked at a few in-store and online and the only one I felt was practical happens to be pink and white. Oh well.  I bought the one above on ebay. It was available on Amazon, but it didn't have an estimated ship date even though it was under Prime. I don't like uncertainty and I have zero patience. So, Brady and I will be cruisin' the mean streets of Virginia Beach or maybe just Hunt Club Forrest in my Schwinn Southport 7 Speed Cruiser in Fuchsia. Actually, Brady will be cruising in this:
It seats two so he can even roll with one of his homies!
Let's Roll! 

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  1. My husband and i have been debating in getting bikes, but I'm afraid that if I get one I will use it for the first three days and then it'll collect dust in the garage.