BabbaBox Review

April 22, 2012
You and your child(ren) are running out of ideas. Spring break might have drained you and summer is around the corner. If you're like me and you pin all of the awesome and creative kid-friendly ideas on Pinterest but leave it at that-pinning, this review is for you. If you love going to the craft store and actually do something with all of the pipe cleaners, feathers and paints that you buy- this might not be for you. BabbaBox is a monthly subscription box full of creating, exploring, story telling and connecting. 

Weary of a monthly subscription? What could be better than getting new activities for every month? I love the idea of fresh, new and fun ideas showing up on my doorstep. Literally. Everything you need comes in the box. Nothing is more irritating than finding out you can't go through with your plans because you don't have glue, batteries, tape or some other random component you didn't think about. 

Brady and I have had a lot of fun with our first BabbaBox. The theme was Polar Explorers. Though the box is targeted for 3-6 year olds, I knew I would be able to find ways for Brady to love it. 
I love packing that stands out from the rest. I was really excited when I got our first BabbaBox. 
Ice painting! Why didn't I think of that?
Food coloring an ice cube tray and popsicle sticks. 
On the back of the instructions are fun facts and trivia to intertwine learning with creativity. There was also a QR Code for bonus crafts. 
Fruit & yogurt ice pop maker. We made fruit pops and they were delicious!
Brady is only 14 months, so we didn't do too much with discovery, but I'm saving it for later!

I did the one on the bottom wrong- that's what happens when you get distracted and glance at the directions. Both versions work, but the top one is right and ensures the cards won't fall out! 
A couple of hours later, the ice paints were ready. This was the only activity Brady really enjoyed. BabbaBox is for children 3-6, but I knew I would be able to have fun with Brady still. Plus, we can do everything again in the future, too. 

We created ice paintings on the icy landscape paper with colorful ice cubes.We also created two penguin pouches and colored the arctic flashcards before we put them in the pouches. Both activities enhanced motor skills and promoted creativity and included fun facts, trivia and a link to bonus crafts on the back of the instructions.
I told the story of Tacky the Penguin (book not pictured), an unusual penguin that shows everyone that it's okay to be "different"! (cognitive)
We discovered and explored north, south, east and west with our compass. I now know where the north and south 'poles' of my house are. (creative, cognitive, discovery) 
We connected with BabbaCo online and downloaded two fun apps for my iPhone 

All of this for only $29.99, plus they are activities you can do over and over again. 

BabbaCo wants you to enjoy BabbaBox and I have coupon codes for you! Email chelsea@diamondsdogtagsdiapers.com or tweet @motowife with subject BabbaBox to receive your code off of a subscription and/or gift subscription.

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I did not receive compensation from BabbaCo. I received one Polar Explorers BabbaBox. The review and opinions are my own. Coupon codes provided by BabbaCo.


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