The Spa at Inlet - Virginia Beach

March 21, 2012
-sorry for the photo-less post, but my enthusiasm will paint the picture- 
Since moving to Virginia Beach, I've been on the hunt for the perfect Fish Taco and Spa/Salon.
I finally found  booked myself some time to get a quick facial (extraction) and eye brow wax.  I first turned to Ulta, but they don't have a brow bar or a current esthetician. Then, I reached out to the Twitterverse to for recommendations on eye brow waxing in Virginia Beach.
Caitlin Horn (@caitlinhorn) tweeted: @MotoWife try the @spaatinlet in Red Mill Commons. They do facials and shellac manis too. They're very pro-military.
So, I surfed over to http://spaatinlet.com/ and the first thing I saw was "Schedule Online." SOLD. A business that makes my life easier. (I might have been multitasking on a conference call while doing this). After I calmed myself down from from the scheduling online excitement, I took a look at their services. They offer A LOT. I went with the 2 least time consuming things and what I really needed to get done first.

Extractions with High Frequency & Masque30 minutes      $20.00
Brow Waxing 15 minutes   $15.00

I booked 45 minutes with Courtney and immediately received an email confirmation. Perfect. 

When I arrived at the salon the receptionist and Courtney were very welcoming and I immediately knew I loved the place. Online scheduling. Genuinely nice people. Who cares about the services, I love this place! 

Courtney did an awesome job. She wasn't the typical esthetician that talks your ear off about nonsense and didn't try to sell me every product they sell. She was honest about my skin, asked me a lot of questions to understand my beauty regimen and made recommendations for at home products as well as upkeep. 

This was the first time I've had a pain-free eyebrow wax. Courtney uses hardening wax, which means NO STRIPS. The wax hardens and she peels it off. Off comes the hair, no tears, no sneezing, no eye watering. Amazing. 

When I was checking out, to my surprises, it was Waxing Wednesday (discount) and my first visit (duh) (discount). The eyebrow wax ended up being $10.50 and the extractions and masque was $16. $26.50 for an amazing visit and skin treatment? I LOVE THIS PLACE. 

I booked a facial and waxing for Travis on Friday and am looking for time in my schedule to get The Spa Signature Facial- 60 minutes for $85 and includes massage. 

How could I forget, they have SHELLAC! If you know me, you know there isn't a bigger advocate for Shellac. Shellac is a nail lacquer that does not chip. Seriously, it doesn't chip. 

Anyways, if you're in Virginia Beach, head to The Spa at Inlet. Oh, and if you have kids- free childcare at the gym (the spa is in the gym). They don't change diapers or feed the kids, but they watch them and play with them. Hellooooo- this place is perfect! 


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