Protect Your Child's Credit

March 19, 2012
An increasing trend in identity theft is targeted towards children. Most parents wouldn't think about checking their child's credit history until they are old enough to be responsible for their own financials. 

Ages are not required when using a social security number. Often the birth date is asked for, but there is no verification process. The age associated with the social security number becomes official after the first credit report. If the person impersonating the stolen social security number says they are 45, all credit bureaus think that person is 45. 

Don't carry your child's social security card with you, put it in a safe or safe place at home. When you're asked to provide your child's information, ask how and why it will be used. Once a year, log on to www.annualcreditreport.com to check you and your child's credit. Credit reports are free, annually. If you would like to check your credit score more often (like me) you can do so on Experian.com for $1. 

While I was checking my (amazing) credit score today on Experian I started clicking the tabs at the top of my account. I stumbled upon "ID protection" all of the options were marked 'active' except for ChildSecure(R). 

I paid $25 to enter my son's information and have his credit history checked. "Good news! No information was returned when we searched for a credit report for your child." Perfect, just what we want to hear! Now that he is enrolled under my account I will receive alerts anytime something fishy happens. 

Protect yourself. Check your credit. Protect your children's credit! 


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