Postal Pix-Print iPhone & Instagram photos

March 13, 2012
Last week I blogged about how excited I was to find Postal Pixan app that allows users to select their favorite pictures and order prints off their iPhones and directly receive them in the mail. The square prints are 4 x 4. The Polaroid-looking frames I purchased fit photos that are 3x3, so I was prepared to have to trim them. 

When I received these frames in the mail, I wasn't sure where i was going to put them. I didn't realized they had a curve to them, they seemed more funky and playful than the rest of my house so to the playroom they went.

Around the closet door in Brady's playroom. 

I put the magnetic, dry-erase photo frames on the side of our fridge. I did not trim them so you can see the size comparison. 

This frame is my favorite. I love photos. I love Instagram. This frame is the perfect size for 4x4 photos and I'm excited to change them out frequently. 

Thanks, Postal Pix. Maybe I'll try the aluminum photos next.  


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