Pinterest is more than personal

March 02, 2012
Pinterest is more than dreaming, drooling and being frustrated because your projects don't turn out the same. Most of us pin things we would love for our home.

I recently moved to Virginia Beach and am in the process of organizing and decorating my home. What better house warming gift to receive than something I pinned on my home board? Well, at least that's where I thought I had pinned it- turns out, it was on my grub board! Loni took advantage of following me on Pinterest and searched my board and found these super cute, stackable mugs I pinned a few months ago, for a housewarming gift! She even said "I hope you pinned them because you want them, not because you have them."

What a GREAT idea! They fit perfect next to my Keurig and match my K-Cup holder. If you use this with a Keurig, brew on the medium cup size otherwise it will overflow, which is no problem if you want a LOT of coffee!

Pinterest makes purchases easy, if pinned correctly. if you click on the pinned photo it will take you to the external website where the photo/diy/blog can be found- this is where you find instructions or click 'add to cart.'

Shopping other people's boards is a 'duh' idea, but I have to give Loni props since I hadn't thought of doing that, yet. Thanks, Loni!

My next Pinterest related post will feature everything I've created for my new house that Pinterest inspired me to do.


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