Makeup Monday

March 12, 2012
Makeup Monday

I love mascara. I cannot leave the house without mascara on. I will die if mascara ever goes away.  

I am extremely picky about mascara and feel like I have tried them all. My previous can't-live-without mascara was discontinued. It was a comb mascara and made my lashes look ah-mazing. I found 10 left on drugstore.com and bought them all. Yes, I hoarded them. The sad day came where I was out of them, but my favorite beauty brand, mark., introduced an amazing new mascara that I, now, can't live without.

Lash All You Want High-Volume Mascara and it's only $10

The AG<3? It's one of Ashley Greene's Favorites (Alice from Twilight) 

Lash All You Want mascara adds 20 times the volume to lashes!! Unique brush has bristles at the tip to get at the tiniest lashes. 

I love the comb/bristles of this brush. I only use a couple of coats (i like a lot) but most people use 1. It separates lashes and doesn't make them look clumpy or like you have spiders on your eyes. 

I highly recommend it. Not only do I recommend it because I am a mark. representative, I 110% back this product! Check it out on http://chickey.mymarkstore.com. Comment and let me know you purchased it and I will send you a free product (eye shadow, skin care, lotion, lip gloss- your choice) 

Interested in becoming a mark. representative? sign up on http://meetmark.com/join and enter referral code 6576464 for free products. You can sign up just for the discount (i did). There are no goals or annual fees. Do what you want with it. You will enjoy a 30% discount and 35% off products before anyone else can order them. 

I worked for corporate for a while, so please let me know if you have any questions. 

shop: http://chickey.mymarkstore.com

Interested in a mark. product you want me to review? comment below. 


  1. I have never been a fan of the comb/plastic brushes idk i think they leave my lashes clumpy.

    1. Have you tried this one? I feel like everything else leaves me looking like I don't even have mascara on.