looking back at 27 years

March 15, 2012

Tomorrow is my 27th birthday (ahh!) and I already feel like it was my birthday. I haven't celebrated it, but for the first time since we've been married, Travis remembered my birthday. He was actually talking about  it a few weeks ago and went shopping this week. I'm almost nervous to know that my birthday will actually be celebrated and I have no idea what we are going to do. I don't need to be showered with gifts, but I do appreciate my loved ones at least acknowledging my birthday. I've realized over the years that birthdays aren't big in his family. He typically doesn't get cards or calls on his birthday so it was never a big, fun deal like it was in my family. His birthday is also in the summer so he never got to celebrate it at school- that's half the fun! I'm trying to get him to enjoy birthdays and to let me celebrate his. 

It would be awesome if I could list 1 major event in each year of my life. I have a great long-term memory, but years start to blend together. Here's my attempt: 

1: I was adopted at 2 months old into the most loving family, ever. 

2: I don't have vivid memories from when I was 2, but I'm sure I had a blast. 

3: I met my best friend and Brady's Godmother, Christina, in preschool. 

4 & 5: Nothing sticks out- just being a kid! 

 I think I was 6 or 7 when my grandma and my mom took me to Disney World for the first time- best week of my life! 

7: I got my cat, snowball, who's name later changed to fatass. It doesn't sound like a big deal, but I remember that night with my dad so clearly. We weren't planning on getting a pet, we were wasting time at the Humane Society before seeing Home Alone 2. We never made it to the movie theater. 

 8 & 9: Nothing sticks out- just being a kid! 

10:  I met some great friends at Territorial (6th grade) Katie and I are still as close as we were then.

11: I met Melissa in 7th grade and she's been a close friend ever since. Jr. High was fun! 

 12: I met Brandon and years later, Travis met him randomly in Iraq and he ended up being in our wedding! 

13: What stands out about 13? I have no idea, but I'm sure I was a pleasure for my parents. 

14:  I had hard liquor for the first time. Bad idea 

15: I dated the worst person to ever enter my life. Lessons learned. 

 16: Started dating Ryan, my first long term relationship. We're better off as friends or siblings.

17: Senior year of high school was a blast. A lot of lessons learned then, as well. 
18: August 2003, I was off to Central Michigan University. So happy that I went there. 

19:  Sophomore year of college was so much fun, I met the best group of friends and we were inseparable.

20: My sophomore and junior years of college blend together. I worked hard, studied pretty hard, partied and had a blast with my friends. We made great memories. Miss Madison was also born this year (2005). I love that little girl to death! 

21: Legal to drink! Didn't matter, we had been drinking for years- I was almost over drinking at this point haha. 

22: 2007 was a hard, but awesome year. Travis was in Iraq for 7 months and returned in October. I finished my senior year at CMU while planning an wedding and worrying about Travis 24/7. I graduated on 12/15 and we got married 7 days later on 12/22. 

23: My first year of marriage, out of college and in California. I became the Editor of a magazine. 
 24: Got my second dream job as the Social Media Specialist at Rubio's Restaurants, Inc. 
25:  I was a month away from turning 26 when beautiful Brady was born on 2/15/11 
26: Travis deployed a 6 days before my 26th birthday. I spent the first 6 months of my 27th year raising our amazing son. It was a great year, even better when Travis came home.

 My 27th year was great, as mentioned above. We moved from California to Virginia. So far, so good. I miss California and all of our great friends, but Virginia is turning out to be a good time, too.
What will my 28th year have in store? I'll find out tomorrow. 


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