I See Me Book Discount

March 13, 2012
What's better than a book about YOU? (or your child) 

In a couple of weeks I will be doing a giveaway for an I See Me Book, but you'll want to stock-up on this deal now. 

Zulily has a deal until Thursday for $12, receive $25 for personalized storybooks & more

Brady has 'My Very Own Name.' Each page has a letter of his name with awesome illustrations. Each page spells his name. I'll save my grand review for my giveaway post. Visit www.iseeme.com to see the variety of books they offer. 

I purchased 3 of the Zulily deals. $75 worth of personalization for only $36! 

I also just received an email from I See Me: 

Enter coupon code GODLOVESYOU at checkout for 15% off this book! 

It takes about a day for Zulily vouchers to process. I'm not sure if you can use store credit plus a coupon code at checkout- but I'll find out tomorrow when I purchase a couple of the God Loves books for Easter gifts. 


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