Happy Very Hungry Caterpillar Day

March 21, 2012
According to Eric Carle's Blog, today is Very Hungry Caterpillar Day.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a classic children's book that I loved as a child and love reading to Brady.

The hungry caterpillar eats through a lot of fruit, meat and sweets, gets a stomach ache, eats a leaf and feels better. Sounds boring, right? Read the book and you will love it!  Initially when planning Brady's 1st Birthday party, I was going to have a dish or plate of each item the Hungry Caterpillar ate through and have cute labels. Each item would make up a fruit salad, sandwich or dessert. 

While driving from California to Michigan, on our way to Virginia, we decided that it was going to be too much work and preparation to plan a party in Michigan that we would only be in town a few days earlier for. 

We settled for a fruit salad, pasta salad, typical party food, a smash cake, and cupcakes. There was a lot I would have liked to do if I had time (just like wedding planning) but all in all, it was about Brady having fun celebrating turning one! 

We had Brady's party at the Church/School's cafeteria immediately following Brady's Baptism. We knew there would be a large crowd since 99% of our families hadn't met Brady yet. 

Brady's Aunt Bethany made this awesome lantern caterpillar to hang from the ceiling.

His shirt had a 1 with the VHC dots and VHC (covered in cake) 

Just when we thought he was done...he wasn't! 

Off to plan Brady's 2nd Birthday Party! 

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