1st Dentist Visit

March 09, 2012
A few days after we moved to Virginia Beach, Brady had his first dentist appointment. First dentist appointments should be around the child's first birthday and/or when they have 8 teeth. Brady has had 8 teeth since he was 8 months old, but I decided to wait until his 1st birthday.

Dr. Sundin had Brady sit on Travis' lap while we talked with him [Dr. Sundin] about random things, so Brady could see that we trusted him. We laid Brady in the chair and the hygienist helped "pin him down." We talked to Brady while Dr. Sundin cleaned his teeth and gave him a fluoride treatment. Easy. 

It was a great visit and we will go every 6 months. 

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  1. P is never going to get 8 teeth I dont think LOL.

    Oh and in your about me it says "proud mom brady" lol I think you left out the "to"