DIY Meal Planner

March 29, 2012
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I'm tired of printing templates every Sunday to plan our upcoming week and meals. White boards are boring, too. 

So, I thought outside the box and created my own.

I went around my house and garage and found:
- 1 10x13 picture frame
- 7 pieces of scrapbook paper (different designs) (one for every day of the week) 
As much as I wanted them to match, I pushed myself to stray from the norm and go a bit mis-matched
- x-acto knife 
- tape (couldn't find glue) 
- ruler (I had to print one) 
- dry erase marker

1. Divide the length of your frame by 7 (days of the week). 13/7=1.85"
2. Cut 7 strips of paper to the dimension above (1.85 x 10) in my case. 
I liked using the glass from the frame as my guide. I'm not going to lie when I say I don't think I passed cutting a straight line in pre-school (or senior year of high school). I used an x-acto knife and the edge of the glass to get a perfect cut.
3. I used the extra length of the strips to make boxes for the date- again, I had to push myself to mismatch everything. 

4. Tape or glue the date boxes to the strips

5. Tape or glue the strips to the back of the frame 
kitchen counter

Write your weekly plan, meal plan or whatever your little heart desires in dry erase marker! Note- my hand writing and planning is a lot better than this, I wrote it up quickly for visual purposes. 

use A LOT of HEAVY DUTY magnets to hang it on your refridgerator


  1. I love this! I'm seeing a chore chart made like this...


  2. Love this idea! We currently have a boring makeshift whiteboard so I'll have to give this a try.