Day 9: Influencers

March 14, 2012
9. list 10 people who have influenced you and describe how

I could write a lot about how my mom has influenced me, but she has indirectly influenced me by always being such a caring person to everyone. Sometimes she's too nice and I see that in myself, as well. We strive to make others happy and we will do anything to make that happen. I think we've both learned to take a step back from that lately. My mom has influenced the way I act, the way I do things for other and she's partly to blame for my grammar obsession. 
My dad has influenced me to be independent and take chances. He met my mom when she was student teaching in England and he came back to the US as her souvenir and they got married shortly after. He dropped everything and left everyone and everything he knew to be with the one he loved. He took a big step to another country across the ocean. Gave me courage to continue being independent, moving away to college then across the country to California. 
Travis has worked for everything he has and he has worked hard. He is dedicated, determined and never gives up. His constant attitude on life is contagious. He's taught me to relax a little bit and to not give up. 
Brady has influenced me to be a great mom and to put him first. He's taught me what it's like to have the job on earth- being a mom. He's influenced me to enjoy the simple things in life and to take a break from the concrete jungle. 
My friends have influenced me to be a better person and to enjoy life. I've lost friends to suicide and I've lost friends because they didn't grow up and found drinking and drugs to be more fun. 
Over the years, I've learned how to lead a team, be a better co-worker and I've really learned that typically the higher up a person is in the company, they are seriously clueless and don't care about the people under them, even if it's their team. My boss has influenced me to keep speaking my mind and doing what I think is right. Do what you think is right then show your results, don't ask certain people for their opinions. Don't micromanage and don't be micromanaged. 
Judgmental People
We all judge people, it's human nature, but by listening to the obnoxious and rude things people say about others, i've learned it's not worth it. It doesn't make you a better person. Whether or not that person hears you, they know you're judging them and you ruined their day, if not life. I keep my thoughts to myself (most of the time) and if I catch myself judging someone on their appearance, I have to remember that if it can't be changed with major surgery, they are happy with it, they might not have a problem with it or they are really upset about it, too. Judging someone won't change them and it won't change you.
My high school journalism teacher influenced me into being a better editor, journalist and person. She really motivated me to not give up. Even as a high schooler I felt appreciated and that I had something special. She was a positive influence all around. 
Watching a lot of people I grew up with or went to school with do nothing with their lives is motivation. Some have been to jail 5+ times. Some live with their parents (not always a bad thing). Some do drugs. Some have multiple kids with multiple partners. It's gross and depressing. You've all motivated me to live an amazing life. 
Successful people 
I read a lot of articles about my industry and the successful people in them. Reading about and seeing others' successes makes me work harder to always be better in my career and as a person. 

These are kind of vague and typical, but they are my 10 influencers. 


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