Day 7: Dream Job

March 12, 2012

During high school and college, I wanted to be an editor of a magazine. After I graduated college and moved to San Diego, I became the editor of a magazine. 

I've always been computer and social savvy so adding to my editing position, I became the social media coordinator/specialist (whatever word that means I do it all) of the magazine as well. 

With the evolution of social, I took a stronger liking to the social media world, plus I was over my boss at the magazine, everyone was. 

I took the job as Rubio's Social Media Specialist and have loved every minute of it. That's my dream job. Leading a company's social media efforts, developing and building the brand voice, social strategy and brand development. It's an exciting career field and the opportunities are endless. I also freelance for small businesses, while it's a bit of a challenge because they typically aren't very structured, it's awesome teaching professionals and improving their business image and transactions. 

So, my dream job is to continue doing what I'm doing. Rocking the social space 140 characters at a time. 


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