Day 5: 5 Things That Make Me Happy Right Now

March 10, 2012

With the move from California to Virginia, I was able to spend a month straight with Brady and Travis. Knowing that Travis won't deploy for the next 2-3 years has me so excited every day. I'm looking forward to all of the fun times and quality time that is yet to come! Brady is lucky! 

I'm still working for Rubio's (remotely), but not for much longer. We all know that it doesn't make sense. I'm working remote for now, why not continue working remotely until I move back? I won't get into the politics of it, but I'm just glad that I'm still working for a brand I love, a brand everyone else loves. Seeing my results on a daily basis, in the news and etc makes me proud of myself. The job hunt has been hard in Va Beach. I've been able to find my dream job or even jobs I would 'deal' with all of the country. Marketing and Social Media jobs in the Va Beach area don't exist. Wish me luck. 
You're probably laughing. Pinterest has made moving into a new house fun. While I've always been creative, pins have inspired me to try new things in my house and finish projects. It's been fun.  

Virginia Beach 
It's no San Diego (America's Finest City) but it's the next best thing on the east coast. VB doesn't have that beachy feel like SoCal, but so far I like it. It'll be interesting once spring breakers and summer tourists flood in. I've found a lot of unique shops and we have had some pretty good food, so far. I like exploring new cities, shops and beaches. The fun continues. . .

Boy Meets World 
Yep, it makes me happy. It's on ABC and MTV2 and the complete series is on Amazon for only $70. TV shows these days suck. Brady will definitely be watching this as he grows up :) Fee-heee-heee-heeeenay! 


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