Day 4: Dear 16 Year Old Me

March 09, 2012

stop tanning. no, seriously. stop using the tanning bed. 

stop smoking.

bitch about learning commas, apostrophes and grammar all you want. you secretly love it and will use it against everyone you meet. 

spend more time with your childhood friends, you'll be closer to them in the end. 

Miss you, Chad.

cherish every second with your friends and tell them how much you love them. you'll lose some of them.

your love and support for the USMC will be enhanced and continue throughout the rest of your life. 

stop driving like an ass. 

stay strong. your friends and fiancĂ© will deploy to Iraq. the war in Iraq isn't ending any time soon. 


wear your retainers. you'll pay for it later. $3,500 later. . . Invisalign. 

keep doing what you're doing. you're doing well. 


  1. I agree with the "stop driving like an ass" comment... And I can think of at least 3 others that would say the same... Damn bonnevilles, random dirt parking lots on the side of the road, and telephone poles