Day 3: Parents

March 08, 2012
Describe your relationship with your parents.

This isn't something that can easily be put into a couple of paragraphs for the world to read. While I don't have a horrible relationship with them and I'm never one to keep quiet, I don't think writing to the world about my relationship with my parents is really necessary. 

I love my mom and my dad. They did a great job raising me (if I do say so my self) 
We've had our times- everyone does. 

I chose this photo because I'm black. haha and because it's probably the only photo i have of the 3 of us smiling. Actually, probably the only photo I could get my mom to be IN. I had to guilt her into saying it was my wedding day- don't ruin it. haha

Wait, I found a REALLY good one from Brady's Birthday Party! HAHA


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