Day 12: Typical Day

March 17, 2012
Day 12: Describe a typical day in your current life
(good thing it says current, I don't remember my "previous" life)

We moved to Virginia Beach a few weeks ago and I am still working for Rubio's HQ in California- aka working from home. 

I take Brady to daycare around 7:00 and am home by 7:45. Yes, Brady goes to daycare. Judge me all you want, it is impossible to work 40+ hours a week and give your child the full attention he deserves. You won't understand until you are put in that position. I work even more now than I did when I was in California. Children go to daycare  when you go to work, I work out of my home office. 

So, I get home around 7:45 and read my personal emails, some blogs and news articles and then get on the elliptical for 30-45 minutes. Sometimes it's only 20 minutes and I do 20 minutes a few times a day between meetings. After I work out I shower and get ready and am working by 9 or 10. I do not leave my office unless I have to go to the bathroom, I'm thirsty or am going downstairs for lunch. Lately, I've been printing some documents and articles i need to read and have been reading them outside and enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having. 

If Travis picks up Brady, I work until 6. If I get Brady, I leave the house at 4:45. Once we are all home we have dinner, play time, bath time and then it's bed time. Back to work I go, usually on the couch with my lap top. Everyone on the West Coast seems to enjoy calling and emailing me while I'm eating dinner. That's the sacrifice of working in a different time zone. 

I head to bed around 10-10:30 and do it all over again the next day. 

Exciting, I know. 

I love my life. 


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