...for just having a baby

June 15, 2011
When people compliment someone and follow it up by "for just having a baby."
Do they mean
- You look great, you lost the baby weight fast
- You look great, but you still have some work to do
- If I didn't know you just had a baby I would think you look like shit, BUT since I know you recently had a baby, you look okay
-You look great for having a baby but if you didn't have a baby and you looked like that, you should hide in a closet.

either way, bite me.


  1. Don't you know? We're supposed to look perfect no matter what our body just went through. Duh!! Thanks Hollywood!
    Do I look great for just having had my monthly? LMAO

  2. When Adalynn was about 8-10 weeks old people would tell me there is no way you just had her in that time frame. I always found that to be very flattering...but I can see where people using that phrase could be very rude and insensitive.

  3. girl, you know you look great regardless, though you do look good for just having a baby ;D
    **kick me, cause I love ya! **