Mommy's First Scare

April 28, 2011
Last night was terrible. You know the moment is going to come when you’re the parent that is scared shitless and won’t know what to do. That moment came at 4:30 a.m.

After Brady nursed, I took him into his room to change his diaper and it looked like he had blood on both sleeves, I freaked out but could not figure out where it came from, I didn’t see blood on me, I didn’t see blood on him, I even checked the dogs. 

I continued changing him and then he spit up. Blood. All over. I was in shock. I sat him up and patted him on the back incase he had any more to spit up. It looked a bit watery, not 100% blood. I think I stood there in shock for a few seconds and then took off his jammies that were now covered in blood. I put him on my shoulder as if I were burping him  and he was talking and squirming around like he was having the time of his life.

Ok, so he’s not in pain, but he’s spitting up blood. As I was putting on new jammies, he spit up even more blood, that’s when I lost it. I called his pediatricians office and waited 3 long minutes for Dr. Park to call me. During that waiting period I texted every number I have for Travis asking him to call me and started getting ready to head to Children’s Hospital. I was freaking out.

Dr. Park asked if it happened after I nursed him and asked if I was sore at all while nursing. I told him I was a little sore on the side he was nursing on but that everything looked fine and I didn’t see blood even when I squeezed milk out (TMI). He said that he is 99.99% sure that Brady ingested blood while nursing and that it is very common when a mother is sore. He said if Brady wasn’t vomiting or being fussy then he was surely okay.

Well, he put me at ease because Brady was giggling, smiling, kicking and having the time of his life on my lap while I was flipping shit trying to figure out what was going on. After I got off the phone with Dr. Park, Brady spit up some more but thought it was hilarious. All I could do was take a video to show Travis that Brady really was okay. 

I sat up and rocked him for an hour because I was scared to go to sleep- he fell right asleep and was fine. I was still nervous. He slept the rest of the morning and is no longer spitting up blood.

That was the worst experience yet, especially since Travis wasn’t here to help me through it. He finally called me around 6:00 a.m., we were both sound asleep. I told Travis everything was fine before I told him what happened.  I’m glad I have his support and loving words thousands of miles and an international dateline away. 

Thank God Brady is fine.


  1. That is scary. When I was having issues with bleeding nips they said babies reject breastmilk with the blood in it so it would be spit back up. So glad hes ok. You should have texted me lady!

  2. I wasn't bleeding that I could tell, not even when I squeezed it! That's why I was scared shitless. I was too occupied to text anyone haha

  3. That is so scary! I'm glad that everything is ok. Hugs!