Brady's Birth Story

March 04, 2011
Travis was scheduled to deploy the day before my due date, so we asked Dr. Musinski as soon as we found out that I was pregnant how he felt about inducing early. Dr. Musinski said he would induce up to 10 days early as long as mom and baby were on track and healthy. Well, at 36 weeks, mom and baby were on track and healthy- we scheduled the induction for February 13, 2011- 10 days early and my late Grandpa Prevost’s birthday. 

Travis brought a notebook so we could remember the day (little did we know…days) of labor and delivery—his version is in italics.

February 13, 2011
I called the birthing pavilion at Scripps Encinitas at 2:40 p.m. I was supposed to call at 3:00 p.m. to make sure they have room for me to come in at 4:00 p.m. but by 2:00 p.m. we were pacing, so I gave in and called—the birthing pavilion was near empty so we hopped in the car and headed to the hospital.

I never thought heading to the hospital would be planned and pain free, but it was and it was kind of weird. I don’t think it had really hit me yet. We got to the hospital, went to the birthing pavilion, filled out some paper work and the nurse said that we were some of the only people there so we would for sure have a private post-partum room.

We headed down the hall to my labor and delivery room, I put on the sexy green gown and hopped into the bed, the nurse asked me a million questions that have nothing to do with having a baby and then started my IV and Cervidil. I had to lie flat for an hour (boring) and then after 2 hours I could finally go to the bathroom!

The story and timeline of the birth of Brady Gabriel Hickey. Chelsea is being induced early because Travis is going to deploy in support of freedoms for the whole free world. We arrived at Scripps Encinitas at 4:00 p.m. on 13 February 2011. It is 4:49 p.m. and the nurses are beginning to put in an IV into Chelsea’s left arm. The first forty nine minutes were spent checking into the hospital and answering a million questions about Chelsea’s health. At 4:57 p.m. the IV was completed and we even had a second nurse watch the process because the second nurse wanted to see how the first nurse does the process. First nurse will further be known as Ellen, we think that’s her name, not sure nurse #2s name, but I wonder if it’s an accountability and insurance thing to have a two person integrity. Because really Ellen does it that different someone else wants to watch. It looked like she did okay. The next procedure done was the insertion of the Cervidil. I will only say I’m glad that wasn’t me. Nothing else should be said. That stuff is gross! Ellen did tell us during the Cervidil that Brady is not engaged and Chelsea is not dilated. I guess he’s not ready but we are going to force him out.

When I got to the hospital I was neither dilated or effaced, which I wasn’t surprised since it was 10 days early even though some are dilated weeks before they give birth.  The waiting game began and a night full of sleep.

February 14, 2011

At 4:30 they hooked me up to monitors. The Cervidil was in until 5:30a.m., I was dilated 1cm and 60% effaced. The nurse came in to take it out and check me,  and let us know that it would be a few hours until they could start Pitocin. 4 women had come in within the hour and were in labor, on top of 2 emergency c-sections. If I were to start contracting, there would not be any nurses to help me if I went quickly into labor, so I had to wait a few more hours. Great…more time in the world’s most uncomfortable bed.

It’s now Valentine’s Day or more specifically, Saint Valentine’s Day with a possessive ‘s’ because it’s his day. First lesson to Brady, know your grammar, your mother will not allow you to misuse there, they’re or their.

Back to the real reason why we are here. The night went by with no major changes. Nurse #3, possibly named Karin, if not Karen it should be, she looked like a Karen, was very nice and helpful. She said Brady is doing well and she is guessing he could be up to 9 pounds, but the bad news is that Brady may be as stubborn as his parents. Chelsea is slowly progressing with some contractions and advancing effacement, but progressing none the less. Brady on the other hand is still free floating which means he has not dropped and is not engaged.  I can only imagine he is having too much fun floating in water, just like his daddy loves being in water, or his head is so huge that it won’t fit and has a huge head like his daddy. Chelsea is doing well but very uncomfortable and restless.

8:00 a.m.—still waiting.

We are on nurse #4 and we actually know this one’s name. #4 will here after be known as Jillian and being a registered nurse in San Diego must pay well because she is wearing Dolce & Gabana glasses, seems a little excessive, I hope she doesn’t judge me because I have $30 clearance special glasses. As we speak, “Jillian” is preparing the Pitocin (I don’t care if it’s spelled wrong, I’m not a doctor). It is 8:35 a.m. right now and we have been up since around 4:30 a.m. after a very restless night of tossing and turining by both of us. Every hour or so the nurses would come in and wake your mom to fix the monitors. (Yes, I have changed the 1st person, 2nd person a couple of times I’m not an idiot. I have just changed how I want to write this, but this is to you, Brady!)

The Pitocin has started at 9:05 a.m. so hopefully you finally get this show started. Your mom says the first big contraction started at 9:20 and mommy did very well. The big contractions may start in the next couple hours. When that happens I will probably start writing again after you are born.

12:25 p.m. Dr. Musinski comes in for the first time to check on your mom. Everything seems to be okay and he breaks the water without telling us what he was doing or what to expect. Breaking the water was supposed to speed things up but seems like everything has somewhat stalled out. The contractions are going very regularly every two minutes and the epidural was inserted around 2:00 p.m. we have been at the hospital for 24 hours now and it’s getting ot the point now where it’s just like “come on already.” The epidural went very well and your mom said it was not as people make it out ot be. But we and the anesthesiologist were worried for about 10-15 minutes because your mom’s blood pressure dropped to 60/28 at one point she said she only felt woozie. The anesthesiologist gave your mom some ephedrine and her BP slowly came back up to normal. Hopefully I will have more humorous things later but we are tired and getting anxious.

It is 8:12 p.m. the only big change is that around 6:00p.m. chelsea got an internal monitor put in to monitor the strength of the contractions to see if they are strong enough to further her dilation. Thus far, we are still in the same spot as before. Since the water was broke, Chelsea’s belly is obviously much smaller and she was probably carrying more water than normal. We are on nurse #5, or is it #11? We had several in the late morning and early afternoon because there were some 7 plus other women in labor. It is all our fault because when we checked in last night we asked the chances of having a private room and they said very good because hardly anyone was there. But the nurse said sometimes “the boat comes in” and that means a full house, well it happened. It seems like things have slowed down and we have had the same nurse for a while. We had Jillian again until 7:00 p.m. and she switched with Kailie or Kaylie, something like that and she looks about two days out of high school and a drunken mistake forearm tattoo of some flower. We just have to hope there is no Justin Bieber or emo punk event she needs to attend.

Good thing can come to those who wait. The last couple of hours can try a man’s soul. The night doctor came in around 8:30 p.m. and told Chelsea she was still only dilated around 4cm and at this point he was not confident that she would be able to do a vaginal birth but we could wait a couple more hours to see. It is 10:25 p.m. now and the nurse checked again and Chelsea is now 7 cm and it is looking good again that it could be a vaginal birth. It has been a very long time since I really sincerely sat down and spoke to God and asked him to bring you into this world safe and healthy and to keep your mom healthy. I won’t stop now and will keep pacing and checking the monitors and praying for you.

Travis’ notes stop here, we tried to get some sleep, but I can remember the rest of the night clearly, even if Travis continued to write, I doubt it would have been very humorous at this point.

The hot mess nurse came in throughout the night, I didn’t keep track of times because I couldn’t lie on my back, I was struggling to sleep and extremely uncomfortable trying not to move so the monitors wouldn’t mess up. Throughout the night it went from them telling me I would have to have a c-section and me telling them to wait 2 more hours, then they would say I’m on the right track again and back and forth, back and forth- I was a wreck, I was so upset and did not want to have a c-section. I knew being induced early could lead to a c-section, but I was determined to have a vaginal birth. At 5:00 a.m. I was an 8 and sooo excited! I wanted to find the doctor and tell him to suck it! then the nurse came in, she checked me around 6 and said that I wasn’t progressing, my water had broken so long ago and they can’t prove that I will dilate to a 10 anytime soon, so she was off to call Dr. Musinski. Dr. Musinski was shocked that I still was in labor and he said that it was time, the kid is coming out, regardless. They told me I would have a baby in my arms by 9 a.m. and that I was having a c-section. I held it together and listened to what they had to say. Once they left the room, I didn’t make eye contact with Travis and I stared at the ceiling. I cussed a few times, blamed myself, blamed deployment and I’m sure I said some other nonsense. I rolled onto my left side to try to get comfortable and I lost it, I was bawling. Travis came over and sat with me and held me as I tried to pull it together very quick since I knew the nurses would be back to prep me. It wasn’t about ruining my plan of a vaginal birth at this point, I was scared. I do fine with surgery and that wasn’t the problem, Travis was leaving in a few weeks and all of our family is in Michigan. Yes, I have wives I’m friends with and people I can call if I need something, but I don’t have our family. A baby, stairs, 2 dogs and major abdominal surgery….I’m doomed! What am I going to do? How am I going to take care of my baby? How am I going to trust the dogs? How am I even going to clean my house? I was freaking out. Travis and I didn’t say much, if anything at all.

The nurses came back and tried to be witty and cheer me up, it was annoying. Travis put on the sexy gear he had to wear into the OR and off I went to the OR. They wheeled me down the hall and I kissed Travis by. (he would come in the OR after they prepped me). 

I lay on the OR table trying to keep it together, they thought I was scared to have surgery, I could care less about the surgery, I asked if I could watch, they said no. I was crying because of the uncertainty of afterwards. The curtain went up and Travis came in.

Dr. Musinski and whoever else was behind the curtain started the c-section. I started screaming. I felt my body shaking back and forth and fluids sloshing around, but that’s not why I was screaming. I had the most excruciating pain in my right shoulder. I wasn’t allowed to move my arms because they were out to the side on the table, I wanted to try to move my shoulder to make it feel better, but now I realize even if I could move it, it wouldn’t have helped. They put oxygen on me because I was screaming bloody murder, breathing heavy and crying my heart out. I can’t describe the pain, they might as well have been sawing off my shoulder with no anesthesia, that’s what it felt like, I guess. 

I’m not sure how long they were working on me before I heard Brady’s beautiful cry. They called Travis behind the curtain to cut the umbilical cord and to do all the newborn stuff. I was stuck on the table, jealous beyond all hell that Travis was spending time with Brady. I was still crying. I heard them announce that Brady was 9 pounds, 10 ounces and 21 ¼ inches! BIG BABY! Induction or not, he would’ve been a c-section.

Still crying from the pain.  Travis came back to me and told me that Brady has a head full of hair, he’s beautiful and has big hands. I paused and wondered if I gave birth to a monster since his hands are big enough for Travis to notice and say something about it. I saw his hands, I think they’re normal. They finally brought Brady over to us and I was so sad that I couldn’t have skin-to-skin time right away or even hold him, but I got to give him a kiss and look at him for a couple of minutes, then they whisked Travis and Brady away and took them back to our room while they finished doing whatever they were doing to me.

I continued to cry, express my pain and I’m sure I was swearing.

I got back to our room and they were doing whatever they were doing to Brady and then Travis and the nurse gave him his first bath. I continued to be in my bed screaming. The doctor pumped me full of morphine and finally 15 minutes later my shoulder started to feel better. They kept giving me hot packs and morphine, it was horrible.
Later we found out that the right shoulder pain was deferred pain from the c-section. So everything I wasn’t feeling in my abdomen, I was feeling in my shoulder.

Then, I finally got to hold my baby! We did skin to skin for a few minutes and then they took him and gave him some formula since they drugged me up so much I was incoherent and couldn’t even hold him to breastfeed. We bonded as a family and 2 hours later we were transferred to the post partum room, which we ended up having to share because everyone and their mom decided to have babies on Monday and Tuesday.

We have our perfect little family now. I’m so thankful Travis was able to be here for the birth and keep me sane through the 40 hours of labor!

I’ll post about our 4 day postpartum stay later. 


  1. Wow that must have been so scary when they decided to do a C-section. Happy ending, though, right?
    I have all four of my kids' birth stories up on my baby blog, "Does This Baby Make Me Look Fat" - check it out sometime when little Brady is napping! www.preggotimes.blogspot.com
    I also have a deployment blog, www.anotherdeployment.blogspot.com

  2. Hey, it's @milliferocks ...Similar situation with our 3rd as husband was deploying and would miss the birth.
    #4 was a C section and I am just imagining that shoulder pain!! Holy balls. I had a panic attack because I couldn't breathe when they put that sheet up and having the chest pressure. I got threatened with being 'put out' if I didn't shut it. Ha. I told them to go ahead! I was that jacked, but they put something in the IV that brought me down.
    A late congrats to you all. :-)