Operation Shower

January 25, 2011
A few months ago, Travis and I were fortunate enough to be invited to a baby shower hosted by March of Dimes and Operation Shower honoring military moms. I RSVPd, having no idea what to expect. We thought there would be some cake, nice words said about military wives being the unforgotten ranks, maybe some coupons and a onesie. Boy were we wrong!

The shower was held at the infamous Torrey Pines Golf Course where the Farmers Insurance Open is being held this weekend. We had VIP parking and passes to the tournament (I don't care about golf). We were escorted to the shower on the 14th green, where we were greeted by smiling faces and bubbly personalities. I received a flower and a raffle card and were then taken to our seats.

The theme was Sunshine Farms, it was SO cute! We were treated to a small brunch courtesy of Whole Foods and got to enjoy a variety of sweet treats. We bumped into a friend of ours, Spencer, a photographer for NBC San Diego. Of course, we had to talk to him and give him some content for tonight or tomorrow's news. I picked a great day to showcase my forehead! Thank you unruly bangs!

The shower began, important people made speeches, spouses were thanked and appreciated, then we were beyond surprised. The raffle began. Travis and I won a box with a toy and an outfit. Some of the other prizes ranged from a diaper bag, spa makeover, jewelry, 6 cribs, 6 gliders and strollers! This party was no joke!

They handed each of us a wrapped box, not knowing what to expect, we unwrapped a bouncer! We already have one, but know of someone who could use one! We were like "Oh, this is great, they spoiled us!" Then an even bigger box came. . . it was FULL of anything you can think of- diaper bag, books, clothes, toys, build a bear, baby carriers, lotion, bath supplies- it was never ending! check out the pictures to get an idea of everything we received.

I was blown away and got a bit teary eyed, so often the spouses are the forgotten ranks and I've never been thanked or honored like this. Getting this stuff means the world to us and our home and nursery is already prepared for Brady's arrival. I kept thinking to myself and saying to Travis, I can't imagine how much this means to other people who are not prepared for their baby or cant afford these things, I was so happy watching all of the other moms open their boxes and seeing the joy on their faces. We were truly blessed today and I am so thankful to be able to have gone to this, received these great gifts and to watch it change other women's lives.

Just as we thought we had seen and gotten it all, we had an Oprah moment. They were going to call the winner of the Safety 1st air protect car seat when the announcer said, just kidding EVERYBODY IS GETTING ONE! I turned to Travis and told him I felt like I was on Oprah, then the announcer announced she felt like she was on Oprah. We already have a car seat, but now we have one for each car, or have one to  give someone who really needs it.

Still blown away and extremely excited, we were exiting the shower when we were told to grab 2 packs of diapers, a soothing lamb and a handmade blanket. wow.

Some have made comments about me having more than one shower. This shower wasn't for just me and certainly wasn't about just me, this is for all the military moms. I don't think we deserve special recognition because I knew the man I love and was marrying was a United States Marine, I knew what I was getting myself into, I do feel I am one of the most supportive wives around and for once, they honored us for that. We may not deploy, but we suffer from deployment. Travis is scheduled to deploy on my due date. Life isn't the same in the military community, and today it was nice to know we aren't alone.

The 2 hours we took away from our work day were 2 hours I will always remember. Sitting on the 14th green with panoramic views of the ocean with my husband, baby to be and 35 other strong military spouses is unforgettable.

Thank you March of Dimes, K Mart, Operation Shower, Farmers Insurance and all of the other sponsors. This was a great day for all who attended.


  1. Chelsea this is lovely. I was there as well today. I was the nervous speaker. The "purple lady" and I can agree and say that it was nice to recognize the wives and the soldiers that are about to become moms or have become moms recently as well. So, often people forget about the sacrifices the families make.

    PS I love the name Brady. That is my 7 year old little boy's name. :-)

  2. Chelsea, that is amazing! I am so glad that you were able to be a part of that! It is moments like that which help us make it through all the hard times. I wish we were going to be closer for this next deployment!

  3. Wow! That is awesome!! You have an awesome community of people to do that for you guys.
    Very cute blog! ;) I'm following you now.

  4. How awesome that you were there! I had my youngest while hubby was deployed last year (baby is now 7 months old and hubby has been home for 4 months) and the whole pregnancy I kept wondering how I could score an invite to an Operation Shower event! HA HA HA
    I follow them on FB and always get the preview pics as well as the recaps, they really do throw a NICE party for military mommies.