I'll take sticks and stones and broken bones over your hurtful words any day.

January 12, 2011

Today marks 6 weeks until my due date. We all know the chances of delivering on a due date are slim to none, but that's the only timeline we have to go by! Travis and I were both over 9.5 lbs and we were both late.

I'm not over being pregnant, but I'm over your comments. Completely over them, so over them to the point where I can't believe some of the things people say and think are okay to say. Sure, I think a lot of not nice or judgmental things about people, but I would never say it to their face- especially a pregnant woman! I some-what expected off the wall comments from strangers, but the things people close to me have said are brutal.

I have always appreciated that Travis tells me the truth about things. If I ask if an outfit is ugly and he thinks it is, he will tell me. I prefer the truth over a fluffy rainbow of lies.

The way people are acting lately makes me think it's okay that every time I see an ugly person I can walk up to them and tell them they are hideous. Next time I see someone who is overweight, it will be okay to tell them that they are a fatass, disgusting and etc..

I was getting big and excited that people weren't saying "you're going to pop" or "you're having twins." i have yet to hear "you must be having twins," but I started hearing just before Christmas "I know what someone wants for Christmas" "Maybe your late baby will decide to come on Christmas" "OMG when are you due?" or "Oh.. that's a while away... (shocked that I wasn't due sooner)."

At one point I was convinced that people who have not been pregnant think that if you have a stomach resembling a basketball, you're due. How do people gauge whether or not they think you're due now or in a long time? Every pregnant woman gets a big belly, well except the retards who diet and starve themselves, but even then, they still have a belly!

I am healthy. Brady is healthy. The doctor says we are both healthy. I have gained weight, everyone does. I have gained more than I had hoped, but it's not very smart to go on a diet while pregnant. It's hard enough looking in the mirror and realizing this is what I really look like right now and being okay with it, much less having to hear what you have to say. I hate being around Travis because I can only imagine how disgusted he is to have to look at this land mass and be seen with me in public. Somehow, I can still fit in some of my pre-pregnancy shirts. All of my maternity clothes are small. My face, arms and legs have gotten huge. You gain a shitload of weight in a few months and tell me how you feel. It's not just body fat and a large belly, it's hard to move, it's uncomfortable no matter how I sit, I can barely breathe, I always have heart burn and I'm only getting bigger. Does it not cross your mind to try to help someone who is down, feel better? Fuck it, just cut them down some more! I hate leaving the house, I hate looking in the mirror. I hate posting weekly pics, but that's my thing and I'm sticking to it. I hate when skinny people talk about being fat- fuck you, you know you're skinny and you're just looking for attention, get  life. I don't like visiting with anyone or talking to anyone because I'm sick of hearing it all. I'm going to start telling you all the shitty things i think about you.

Travis is scheduled to deploy on my due date, but is expected to be allowed to stay for his 2 weeks paternity leave, that will all be decided closer to the due date and determined by what is going on in the world. Yes, i know it's going to suck when he leaves, it's going to suck basically being a single mom for 6-8 months with 2 dogs, a new born, no close friends in SoCal and no family within 3,500+ miles, YES I'M AWARE IT'S GOING TO BE DIFFICULT, how about you offer some support or kind words instead of making me feel even more like shit and depressed and stressed that my husband is deploying as a new father. He wont get to spend all of that time with his son, it makes us both sad and not only does it make me sad, but it's always hard when he's gone, it's going to be even more hard when he's gone and we have a newborn. I share these things with you to let you know what's going on in my life, not for you to constantly reiterate how much it's going to suck. Quit your crying when your boyfriend or husband leaves on a 2 night business trip, think about all of the people whos boyfriends and husbands are deployed and NEVER come home.

Please, start thinking before you speak.

A close friend said to me early on in my pregnancy "holy shit you've doubled in size since last weekend." Screw you, so have you, fatass.  When in your mind did you decide that was okay to say or a comforting thought?

"you're not all belly." NO SHIT, i wasn't sure, glad you pointed it out.

"you're a lot bigger than i was when i was xx weeks" again, THANKS.

"your boobs and face aren't as big" well, that's because my stomach is so large now that my boobs actually look small.

"I'm sure you'll lose it." I never asked your opinion, I never told you how much I've gained and I never told you I was worried about losing it.

"You're getting a lot more wide"

"Why are you still working? shouldn't you have been induced by now?"

I can't even finish this post.

 I'm due February 23. 6 weeks to go. Believe it or not, that's my due date, so get over it. My child is healthy, I feel like shit constantly and I don't need your input.

Guess what?
You're fat. You need a nose job. You're going to be single forever. Your boyfriend is really gay, he just doesn't know how to tell you. Your life annoys me. Your child is hideous. No one cares about your lame ass boyfriend. Having a baby before marriage and trying to play it off like you planned it that way is ridiculous. You spell worse than a 6 year old. You're damn near 30 and you're still acting like you're 18, get a life. Your thighs jiggle. Your hair color is ugly. You don't know how to pick out clothes. Your life isn't worth living. Oh, you don't know who your baby daddy is? Your double chin is not sexy. Bleach blonde hair went out in 1980. Drinking and driving is for winners! Pretending you love your life is hilarious.

The list of who I will call or text when I'm on the way to the hospital and when Brady is born is getting more slim as the days go on. How about you be there when I need you most? Enjoy living in your land of rainbows and dreaming in cartoons and don't be pissed when you find out via facebook that Brady was born.


  1. Chelsea, I agree! Screw those idiots who are supposed to be your "friends". I'd punch them for you if I lived near you! Too bad I'm in FL right? :) I'm just happy that you are healthy and Brady is healthy! Not too much longer til he's here and I can't wait to see pics of him! ♥ a fellow mark. girl :)

  2. I've never been pregnant so I can't imagine how you are feeling...however, I will say this: you're beautiful, your baby is healthy, you are healthy and that's all that matters. Screw those who say otherwise. If I could, I would load up my school bus with Continental baked goods and Schlotzkys and come to help.
    Sara G.

  3. I totally understand how you are feeling. People said horrible things to me during both my pregnancies. Fuck them. I think you have carried your pregnancy very well, and your maternity pictures are gorgeous. I agree with SaraG, both of you are healthy, and that is the most important thing.

  4. Hi Chelsea,

    This is completely out of my character, but when I randomly came across this post, I couldn't help but to be so disgusted that I am FORCED to post something.

    First off, it shocks me that you have people in your life encouraging your behavior. I do not know you (thankfully), but it is clear as day that you are not mentally fit to be a mother.

    Have you considered seeking professional treatment? It sounds to me like you have an emotional disorder, and your behavior is indicating a STRONG likelihood for postpartum depression.

    I know you're probably thinking, "Who is this audacious bitch that doesn't even KNOW me that is posting on my blog?" Well, the answer to that is... I'm no one special. I'm a pregnant, happily married 25-year-old that is in a similar situation to yours... my husband is currently deployed in Afghanistan.

    YES, it sucks. It sucks so fucking bad sometimes that I often wonder just how hard my child's future will be. But I get through it... why? Because I place my unborn child's concerns FIRST. Deducing from your post, this is what I see your priority list as:

    1. Your weight
    2. What other people say about you
    3. Your looks
    4. Your weight
    5. Your weight

    Grow up! I don't know how old you are, but your post reads very much like what a high school student would write. True, you spell everything correctly and can form cohesive sentences. But when it comes to your emotional maturity... it is nonexistant.

    I suggest focusing on positive things in your life, like raising a physically and mentally fit child. Not using this blog site as a tool to completely degrade your friends.

    "Your child is hidious"? I can't even believe someone would write this! What a completely childlike (and borderline innately evil) rant.

    Look, like I said... I don't know you and you don't know me. But if you have any sort of human decency, I suggest you take an objective second glance at your last post.

    While you're reading it, ask yourself, "Is this bitch crazy?"

  5. hahahahahahaha. I don't know what made me laugh harder this post orrrr this twat's comment....chelsea, you're going to catch postpartum!!! :)

    Being pregnant is difficult. I know Chelsea personally and I know that she is NOT crazy and that she cares more about her baby than anything else.

    It is hard being pregnant. It is hard gaining weight and seeing your body change. No matter how much you love and care for your baby, being pregnant is a difficult situation.

    You're sick, you're fat, you're tired, you're a hormonal hot ass mess. People are rude and being emotional as it is, it is hard to take all these negative comments from people. Even if your friends aren't trying to be hurtful, when you're in such a delicate stage stupid comments like people have made towards Chelsea sting.

    I don't know a single girl that has been pregnant that didn't have at least a little bit of an issue with her body changing. And after the baby was born I don't know a single woman that didn't talk about losing her baby weight. Does that make them all unfit mothers who only care about themselves? Doubt it.

    So, from what I gather from this chicks comment is that she was already a big ass bitch to begin with and probably nobody even notices that she is even pregnant or she doesn't have friends that give two shits to even comment about how massive she has become since being with child.

    P.S. A blog is where you go to post your thoughts and feelings and I don't understand why some random chick is going to come on here and tell you how wrong you are for feeling the way you do. This just reaffirms your post that people are rude and annoying. It's ironice that this girl made her blog yesterday...why? Probably just to comment on your post. Talk about crazy.

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  7. this is my favorite blog post ever!! and having had three pregnancies i've heard these things three times, ugh and eye roll!