Maternity Pictures

December 31, 2010
*note: all photos have not been edited or retouched
32 Weeks (12/29)

Today, at 32 weeks 1 day, I had my maternity pictures taken. I knew I wouldn't be completely satisfied with them, because I'm never satisfied with anything, but the amount of weight I have gained makes me very uncomfortable and hard to see my face/arms/legs this large. You can tell me over and over and over that I look fine blah blah blah, but I know how much I've gained, how many stretch marks i have, how wide my thighs are, how saggy my boobs have gotten and I know what size my face should be, and knowing that I have about 8 more weeks to go, isn't that comforting.

I am not sick of being pregnant yet, I have no complaints and I'm not begging for the baby to be born, I'm comfortable for the most part, for now--except for the weight gain. I appreciate your kind words, but the words I appreciate more are the ones that are the truth! They (whoever they are) must make maternity clothes pretty big since I'm still wearing a small...

stretch marks growing up my sides :( 
Anyways... I would've had my pictures taken a few weeks earlier, but Travis was gone for 6 weeks and I obviously wanted him to be a part of it, even though he was only in a few pictures. We were going to have them done a couple of weeks ago, but Southern California decided to flood... and as much as I love the rain, I don't think it would have made for good pictures.

The photographer, John Remus, is a friend of mine from our college days at CMU who lives a couple hours north of us. I am so glad he is close and was able to do our pictures, we just wish we would've thought of him for our wedding photos, since he does such a great job and we were disappointed with our wedding photos.

Before we met up with John we had to scope out different beaches. The beach we originally wanted to shoot at was Red Beach on Camp Pendleton-- where Transformers II was shot and has amazing cliffs in the background. Of course, the beach was flooded and closed off because California wasn't built to handle rain! We headed to the beach around 3 to get some daylight shots and sunset shots... it was FREEZING! It was extremely windy (glad I spent time doing my hair!) and bone chilling cold! Of course, Travis and John were some what bundled up and freezing and here I am taking off layers to get the photo I want.

I HATE pictures when my hair is blowing in the wind, no matter where or when, I hate it. So, lucky me, it was a windy, windy day. With the weight gain in my face and my already large forehead, the pics will look great if I crop my head out of them. haha. The pictures would have turned out a lot better (in my opinion) if it wasn't windy and I could've had my hair how I wanted and if I wasn't shivering, but it was still a good time.
windy, freezing, 2 chins, large forehead, gross hair :-/

There isn't much I can do at this point about the weight gain, but to deal with it. I know it's all worth it and will all go away, but for those of you who haven't been pregnant, think about how you'd feel gaining a shitload of weight in a few months and seeing your face balloon up. I'm not one of those lucky pregnant chicks that stay tiny the whole pregnancy.
Travis really isn't a hunchback haha

Aside from weight gain, I really didn't think my belly was that big... until I saw pics! ahhh! it doesn't bother me because I am still comfortable for the most part, but looking at pictures of my belly and remembering i have about 8 weeks left.. makes me wonder!


After going numb and freezing my body, we decided we got enough shots and it was time to head to our house for some hair-brushed and warm photos!

John hasn't shot maternity photos before so we were both making it up as we went along. We got about 230 images out of the day and are going to narrow it down to 15 for John to edit. All images in this post are unedited, but wanted to share. Things like electrical outlets, corners of walls and any background noise, furniture etc... will be removed.
outlet and wall will be edited

For being 32 weeks pregnant, I can't complain too much. Ideally, I would have done the pics around 26-28 weeks, but the Marine Corps didn't want it to happen that way!
belly button piercing do not make for good pregnant bellies

Also, many of the black and white photos are also in color, but the format we were given the proofs in are mostly black and white. Does editing include removing chins and thinning out my arms? hah...

the most simple and human-less picture is my favorite.

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  1. I LOVE the picture with the cover. It is a really great picture! I also love the last picture.