Frustration • Hospital • Not Okay

December 03, 2010
warning: there are pictures of my massive legs and feet. i hate feet. i hate looking at my own feet. i really hate looking at my massive feet. i warned you.

The past few months my ankles and feet have started to swell at the end of the day. After wearing heels to work and doing day to day activities, it’s normal, but not so attractive or comfortable.
Yesterday around 1:00, I noticed that my left leg, ankle and foot were huge and that my right side wasn’t swollen at all. I ignored it for a few hours, making a few jokes here and there and wondering why it was so massive.

After dinner I figured I’d humor myself and search things like “pregnant and only one swollen leg” blah blah blah… I read a lot of unreliable posts that said if the right leg is swollen then it is more common than the left leg being swollen.

I wanted to set my mind at ease and prove that nothing was wrong, so I called my OBGYN’s answering service, she connected me to another OBGYN in the office and he told me to go to the ER ASAP to get an ultrasound on my leg to check for clots and other possible complications.

WHAT? I  have to go to the emergency room?! I asked if I should go to my hospital or the closest hospital, he said it didn’t matter so I ended up going to the closest hospital. Mistake.
I called Travis, tried to joke around, ended up crying. I tend to joke about things to lighten the situation but as soon as the words ‘emergency room’ came out, I lost it. I grabbed a coat, put the dogs outside and drove to the hospital (TriCity in Oceanside).  I dislike Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton for endless reasons, so I went to TriCity.

I entered the emergency room, attempted to tell them why I was there, but all they saw was a pregnant lady and figured I needed to be sent to labor and delivery. I explained to the nurses in labor and delivery that I needed to be in the emergency room getting an ultrasound on my legs. They didn’t listen. They asked if Brady had moved lately and to my knowledge, he hadn’t, but I might have been too frazzled to notice.

I spent an hour hooked up to monitors that were recording Brady’s heartbeat (150s) and his movement. Once I had some juice and started relaxing, he started using my uterus as a bounce house again. So, once again, I told the nurses he was fine and that I need to get my big ol leg looked at. They looked at it and said “you need to go to the ER.” NO SHIT!

The nurse was discharging me from labor and delivery and reading Brady’s charts and said that he is more developed than the average 28 week fetus, he is performing at about 32ish weeks. She said the way he can regulate his bp and some other things shows that his nervous system is advanced and outstanding. At least 1 good thing came out of the night.

They took me back to the ER and I waited for an hour and a half. I was finally put in a bed in the ER and surrounded by people vomiting, the sound made me want to get up and leave and not care to figure out what was wrong with me.

An hour later, some retard (I really think he was) took me back to get an ultrasound of my left leg. After the ultrasound, I was put back in the stall in the ER next to the puking freaks, where I waited for an hour. A doctor came to tell me that I was fine and could leave. 45 minutes later a nurse came to take my vitals and told me nothing was wrong with me, which I had already heard. 20 mintues later, another nurse came and did the same thing the above nurse said. 25 minutes later ANOTHER nurse came to do the same thing, I lost it. 45 minutes later someone finally came to discharge me and told me there was no clot DUH. These people were so stupid I thought they were going to tell me they were going to amputate my leg. Now I’m actually worried that I have a clot and the retard just didn’t see it.

Pissed off and frustrated with no solution, I went home and went to bed.

Today I had my 28 week check up with my OBGYN. I told him the festivities of last night and he told me to NEVER go to that hospital. He asked how my urine was last night and I told him they didn’t check it, I thought he was going to pass out. I also thought he was going to pass out when he saw my legs. Brady’s heartrate is still good, as is my BP.

My doctor prescribed me with compression nylons that I have to put on every morning before the swelling starts up. They are full footed, and go up to my stomach, like tights.

I went to the medical supply place and had to pay $150 for them, I wanted to pass out. They said to send the receipt and RX to my insurance and they will refund it, they BETTER refund it! I was not expecting to spend that, these better be miracle nylons.

I realized that I only wear flip flops and open toed shoes…how am I going to wear those when I have to wear panty hose? Then I freaked out because it’s hard enough to get my pants on lately due to the swelling, how am I going to do it with these on? How am I not going to sweat my ass off with all of this on? I get hot and sweaty easily lately…. This is NOT going to be fun. 

I ventured to Target to find a pair of close toed shoes . . . I normally wear an 8 and couldn’t get my fat foot into a 10. . . I left Target beyond frustrated.

I’ve done everything right during this pregnancy and have taken pride in having no complications or complaints, other than heart burn. Nothing I did caused all of this, but it’s frustrating, stressful and depressing.

You may be saying “oh she’s just swollen.” That’s not all. We have to hope there is no clot and that my blood pressure stays regular and that I avoid preeclampsia. I asked my doctor about going to Vegas at the end of January for a work meeting and if it was okay for Travis to be gone for a week or two in January in Georgia. He looked at me like I was crazy. He said “let’s make sure you make it through the next couple of weeks first, then the rest of December and then we will talk.” He was very concerned and I freaked out. I didn’t know it was this serious, since the worthless hospital didn’t tell me anything.
There’s nothing I can do but sweat my ass off in some nylons, try to find pants and shoes that fit and hope that nothing happens.

Yes, Brady is fine, and everyone is so happy about that… but I’m not fine, and that actually does matter. We are a team… we both have to be fine.
don't mind the hanger and shit on the floor, i can't bend over to clean my closet today.

Everything is so frustrating having Travis out of state, having to tell him he shouldn’t leave in January, knowing he and his boss will be pissed. Not only are my legs an eye sore, but they are painful.
I didn’t put on skinny jeans today, but that’s what it looked like. That’s how swollen I am. I can barely move my toes, I can’t bend my ankle or foot… walking is the extent of my movement.

You asked, so there’s an incredibly long post, which I actually shortened.

I almost didn’t say anything to anyone because I know too many people who judge people way too much. I have not done anything wrong, I cannot prevent this and it’s not my fault, but I’ll still be judged in some ridiculous way for this happening. Some people have perfect pregnancies and some don’t, but that doesn’t mean the ones with complications can’t be good moms or aren’t fit to be pregnant.

The end.

Actually, I can’t see out of my left eye right now but I’m hoping  and assuming that’s from my contacts and I scratched my eye or something. I’m not spending another long night at the hospital, I’ll deal with it in the morning if I need to. 


  1. aw, chels. This is a good post. i'm glad that both you and brady are ok. i know how much it sucks having severe edema. i had it with both my kids. when i took my CB off it looked like i was still wearing them! it was painful then itchy. all you can do for it (besides those HOT nylons) is elevate ur feet EVERY chance u get! no heels, in fact, no shoes when u can. and epsom salt baths. the salt draws the retained water out. it takes awhile, but it does. and no, no one 'causes' this stuff to happen. just one of the beautiful aspects of being pregnant. it'll be ok. as soon as brady's born, you won't even remember how bad you feel now! ur not alone, sweetie. if u need something, please call or text me! and if it makes u feel n e better, i'm a little over 8 weeks and am ALREADY retaining water in my legs/feet! imagine being preggo in the summer (like i will be---for the third time! lol). i gotchur back hun! u'll b ok!

  2. Oh Chelsea, I am so sorry to hear about everything. I am glad that Dr Musinski is taking care of you. I trust him, he's a great Doctor. Keep us posted.